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Ok I decided to go with OSC. My diet had been tdawg2 at about 3000 cals/day. So I will increase this to maintenance level by adding in more carbs. Should my non workout days have the same carbs as workout days or should it be like tdawg2 where they are different.

I have a few questions about OSC. Firstly my gym doesnt have much space so is there anything that can be substituted for the jump rope, such as rowing machine (or I could do the jump rope but with an imaginary rope). Also with the dumbbell dorsiflexion I did it as prescribed and my knees were getting tired so could I sit back on the bench a bit so that the bench is supporting my knees and a bit of my lower leg.

I was looking forward to trying glute ham raises for the first time, however, I train by myself so unless I can find a way of hooking my feet I wont be able to do them. What exercise should I sub in for these (I was thinking either 1 legged back extensions or RDLs)

BTW CW, I cant believe day 1 of the program finishes with Waterbury Walks for 2 sets of 15 reps. I could barely hold onto the weight during the second set. Forearms, traps, lower back and legs were all on fire (and this was using a pathetic amount of weight compared to what I normally deadlift).


Let's see if I can answer at least a few of your questions, waggat.

For bulking, make sure you're getting 1.5g of protein X LBM. Fat should be .4g X LBM. As far as carbs go, I've always liked the idea of adding them in slowly. Start with 1g x LBM. When weight gain stops for 1 week, increase carbs by 25g/day.

I'm sure you're using Surge, but take full advantage of your starchier carbs PWO; oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.

You can drop carbs (and calories) slightly on days you don't lift, but there's still protein synthesis going on for 48 hours after weight bearing exercise, and carbs leave more of the protein you eat for the building of muscle.

One way to do a GHR without assistance is to use the lat pulldown station. Instead of sitting on the seat, kneel on the seat in the opposite direction, hooking your heels under the pad where you would normally brace your knees. Change the bar on the lat pulldown machine to the rope with balls that guys like to use for tricep pushdowns. Your arms should be bent with the balls you're holding on to right around your ears or just below, say at the neck. The weight on the machine will act as a counterweight type of deal. You can slowly reduce the amount of assistance you use as you grow stronger.

As it relates to the exercises, hopefully the Big Guy will be by shortly to answer the rest of your questions.


To add to Terry' suggestion of doing the GHR on a pull-up machine, you can substitute using the cable by putting some cardio steps or a box in front of you for the "catch yourself motion" and use the push-up motion until your hams take over.


Thanx for the suggestions, I'll check it out when I get to the gym this morning.


For the GHR: find something you can hook legs under or find someone to hold you legs.

dumbbell dorsiflexion: try sitting back more. I had the same problem when I tried doing these for the first time. Also make sure you're not using to much weight.

Good luck with this program - I really liked this one.


I found something half decent that I used to hook my feet under for the GHR's, although it might have been a bit high.

I must admit that these workouts are a lot tougher than I was thinking they would be. I'm dreading the week 7 workouts when the rest periods will be 30 seconds.

Also, the times are given for rest periods between sets of the same exercise. Should I move from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible.


If your gym has an ab-bench you can do them on there also.. you may need a partner to wedge a towel between your ankles and the pad (thats what I do).

Good luck.


Yes, those high rep WW's are brutal. Be sure to completely rest the barbell on the floor and at knee level. In other words, your grip tension should release completely. This helps with strength restoration in the gripping muscles, even though the rest is very brief. Don't neglect this very important point.


waggat, just one minor correction to my advice above. I would recommend that you raise your carb calories by 250 calories/day when weight loss slows/stops for a week, not 25g. In a perfect world (not that it is) that would be good for a half pound of weight gain.