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Osama Bin Laden is Dead


You can find it on every news site but Osama is supposedly officially dead. A U.S bombing last week has said to kill him. Obama is expected to make a speech.



Ill add this for discussion. I, along with most Americans, am ecstatic to hear this news, but Im curious of what retaliation we(U.S and allies) will see from this.


Not only that, how can this be proven?


he was killed by american action AMERICA FUCKKK YEAAA


Hard to believe this is real, if it is.

Crazy that it took almost 10 years.


Will make no difference other than convincing many liberals that the 'war on terror' is over. Also, at least 13 years too late. We've had several chances after 9/11 but on one occasion we decided not to bomb because he was playing falconry with some of our United Arab Emirate 'friends' and we didn't want them to get hurt.


Pics of dead body or GTFO.


Okay? Now someone younger and more vicious will probably take over Al Queda and make them more evil than they already were.It's good news that he's dead but the actual effects of this will be purely symbolic in my opinion.


Now transport his body back to the US and tie his body along with a swine carcass by a length of rope to the bumper of a NY City Taxi Cab and drag his lifeless body around the streets of lower Manhattan.


I don't care if this is in poor taste., but I giggled my ass off. Slimy cunt got what he deserved.


Good job, Obama. Way to go.




Well done to the men and women of the US fighting forces. lol at sexmachine's attempt to fling some partisan mud around.




Heh, what do you know, you and I have found some common ground in this post :slight_smile:


[quote]smh23 wrote:
Well done to the men and women of the US fighting forces.

This...... Here's to the American military - Fuck Ya.
To the ones living and working in the worst fucking conditions and taking orders from those oblivious to what really happens outside the wire, thank you.


'Took custody of his body'? WTF you been smoking Obama? How about dismember it on video and send it to Al Jazeera as a 'message to the Muslim world' you dumb fuck?


i have never been so happy