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Osama Bin Laden Found!




I knew Dubya was hiding him somewhere... little did I know it was Sunset Strip. Bastard!


No wonder we couldn't find him. He died his hair blonde. Bastard....



She is an infidel but I don't think she is a virgin.


Nice chest development, I think your traps are lacking.


You know if you look closely at the eyes there really is a strong resemblance. I wonder if he gets into trouble at airports for his looks? Can you imagine if he actually put on the Middle Eastern garb and tried to look like Bib Laden?




Its freaking photoshopped FYI..


I would hide in those mountains.


Yeah...but they do look alike.



No, it's not his face at all. It's Bin Laden's photoshopped in place of the real head.


Thanx for "enlightening" us Loco..


Yeah, I know, but just look at the picture. The look so much alike.


"Osama Bin Laden, more like Osama Been Hidin!!!"


If I'm not mistaken that is Kid Rocks' body. There's not too many other people with "Paul" tattooed on their arm.