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Ortiz Vs. Shamrock *SPOILER*

I was rooting for Tito but I have to say Herb Dean must’ve been nervous because he called that way too damn soon. He should realize Shamrock can take more hits, but he called that way too damn soon. I bought the payperview and I have to say I am heavily disappointed in the refereeing. I like Herb Dean but I think it was called way too damn soon, they sould have given Shamrock way more time…ridiculous!

As a Tito fan I have to say what Ken said about Tito being a bully is somewhat true, when he wins he is arrogant, when he loses he is sorry and subserviant.

Tito should have DISAGREED with the decision. I know the outcome may have been in the favor of Tito, but Ken was indeed robbed of a fair fight, that was called way too damn soon. It’s so ridiculous!!!

So you are trying to say it was stopped way too damn soon?

The whole pay per view sucked. All fights sucked. Yes the fight was stopped too short, but didn’t look like Ken was going to recover. The only thing was exciting was the Silva might fight Chuck in Nov. I’m not sure how that is possible since Silva still the champ for Pride.

Tito vs. Ortiz:


And when I say that, I mean ME. For paying for that garbage. I think Ken should fight Mike (the ref that called it) next.

What a rip off. It looked worse ont he replays than live (although we werent standing there) but come on, I’ve seen fighters in way more trouble allowed to continue.

i have to say that he should have let it go one to two more blows before calling it but it appeared that shamrock was not defending himself (intelligently) and it appeared as though he wasn’t going to recover from it. wish the fight could have lasted a little longer though.

missed the last fight unfortuanetly, what occurs in the sylvia fight?

I am pissed off that I spent $40 for this UFC. I am a huge UFC fan. I never miss a Spike TV event, I rent all the DVD’s, etc. and this is the first PPV that I have purchased because of the great potential of the fights.

I also think that the Ortiz vs Shamrock fight was called pretty early, but in all acuality, Shamrock did look pretty rocked and wasn’t doing shit for himself. Ortiz would have knocked him out realy soon if Dean didn’t call it.

The Sylvia vs Arlovski fight was basically just a boxing match with a few leg kicks thrown in. Arlovski seemed scared of Sylvias power after being knocked out last time.

The other thing that really pissed me off about this PPV is that the card had 9 fights, but the PPV only showed 5. I realy wanted to see the Snowman throw.

On a more positive note, the first fight where Yves Edwards got his head cut open was pretty good. I have never seen a cut bleed that much so quickly.

I’ll just stick to renting the DVD’s in the future, and being careful not to read internet forums before I get the DVD.


Arlovski vs. Sylvia sucked equally in an entirely different way.

[quote]TheJoker wrote:
So you are trying to say it was stopped way too damn soon?


Yeah sorry, I was drinking tonight, fight night!

:slight_smile: All the matches were horrid, and Frank Mir and Dan…can you say OUT OF SHAPE? Isn’t Christianson a TUF reject who lost all his fights?


Silva vs. Liddell was the only good highlight, amazing I am surprised they let Wanderlai wear his PrideFC shirt and didn’t force a Xyience shirt on him.

sylvia and arlovski was by far the worst fight of the night

fucking WASTE of money, the first fight joe stevenson vs yves edawards was the best one. huge fucking disappointment, going to drink myself into a coma now. fuck that.

[quote]FFJeff wrote:

…Ortiz would have knocked him out realy soon if Dean didn’t call it…[/quote]

Yeah, but I paid $40 to SEE A KNOCK OUT! Not hat shit. Last fight on the card was a real snorer. I agree the first fight of the night was the best.

Next Ortiz / Shamrock fight, I’ll just wait for the highlights on YouTube. Fuck paying for that again.

Bullshit stoppage with the Ortiz-Shamrock fight, I would have been happy had he let it go for a couple more blows. Although I pretty sure that he would not have recovered at the time of the stop Shamrock was not that dazed- you could teel because IMMEDIATELY after the stoppage Shamrock was on his feet.

I’m pissed I spent $40 on this although the first fight was the biggest blood bath I have ever seen!!

wish i woulda known the first fight was the best… i lost forty bucks but at least i coulda saved 2 hours.

The fights sucked, Dean called it too early, and Arlovski/Silvia was a big letdown. I expected Arlovski to be much more aggressive.

But who gives a rat’s ass about the fights…

Silva is going to fight Liddell!!!

This is the match I’ve wanted for years, and now it’s going to happen! The only thing that could rival this news is if Fedor was coming into the UFC with all the other Pride heavyweights. UFC heavyweights all suck donkey balls.

The whole PPV sucked. The only excitement was in the prelimary fights, which were not showm because they played the build up for Tito vs Ken 5 times.

Why did they take the time to advertise the fight to people that had already paid for the fight? Instead of building up that fight, show us some good fights.

I’m really pissed I missed the other hw fight, and even more upset that “submission of the night” was from a fight that we didnt get to see.

$40 that could have been spent on lap dances.

The last fight was pathetic.

Never on the ground once.

Like watching a shitty boxing match between two shitty journey men boxers past their prime.

I was really hoping Tito and Shamrock were going to come back out.

Oh, and having to pay $40 to watch a fucking Jet Li commercial pisses me off, too.