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Ortiz vs. Lidell 3 Redemption

Anyone been following this. I never thought it would get legs. Lo and behold it seems like it very well might happen. Liddell is 48 years old. Insane. I think its stupid and shouldn’t happen but I’'ll be damned if I don’t watch it.

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Man, the Liddell/Ortiz fights were right at the beginning of it all, it seems like! I remember being in Middle School (6th or 7th grade, probably) and hearing about Liddell and the Huntington Beach Bad Boy haha talk about a throw back Thursday!

Haha yeah man. Chuck Liddell was huge back in the day. One of the first super stars I can recall. But I don’t think he should be fighting. Me and my friends whenever we want a good chuckle watch the first two Liddell Ortiz fights. He absolutely demolished Tito. But I thinking Ortiz has aged better and could win this one.

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Well that was every bit as bad as I had expected it to be. Father time is a real bitch.

Anyone else catch that freak show of a fight?

It took Tito 20 years but he finally got the fight with chuck he wanted. If he would have waited til now to take the first fight he might be 1-0 against him! Hate to see chuck go down like that but hopefully they got a decent payday. I honestly always liked both guys for different reasons. Always hated the bandwagon Lindell fans though but that’s with any sport /team

They got paid a decent amount. But its not red panty night money.

I screenshot the tale of the tape segment when they show each fighters stats. Age 48 and 43. So crazy.

Yeah Tito was celebrating big time after he KO’ed him. I hope he doesn’t actually consider that a real win.

Yep I bet chuck barely hit a heavy bag lol looked like he’d never caught before and just wanted his check