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Orthopedic Surgeon in NC?

Could anyone tell me of a good orthopedic surgeon specialising in sports medicine in eastern nc ? I have large bone spur in my left elbow and it is limiting my bench.

The last surgeon i went to said “live with it and stop benching” When I told him that was not an option he suggested surgery. However at that point, because of his attitude, I tuned him out and considered going to someone else with more expertise in dealing with strength athletes.

You need to call Dr. Jerry Barron in Charlotte. I know its not in the eastern part of NC but I’d think a little more driving would be worth it.

Five years ago he reattached my left biceps tendon that I tore loose at work.

You can’t even see the scar and my left biceps is actually stronger than my right. I had a lot of concern over the outcome - my brother had torn his loose earlier and his surgeon did a terrible job.

You can get more info at perrybarron.com

They do specialize in athletes.

Good luck,


Charlotte is about three to four hours away for me. I was looking for someone a little closer. I may try them anyway since they are listed in my insurance network. But I’m not sure if my insurance would pay for me to go to someone that far away. thanks for the reply

I’m pretty sure Dr. Barron being in Charlotte and not immediately in your neighborhood will have no effect on whether the insuranc will pay or not. If he’s in your network I think that there will be no difference if he’s across the street on across the nation.