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Any members of T-Nation out there know of a good place to train in Orlando, FL? I’m moving down there in July nearby Winter Park and will be missing much of the home gym that I’ve set up here but can’t take with me. Not looking for a preppy fitness center, but honestly just a solid gym with a good environment. I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Hello Everyone,
I am also moving to Orlando in July to start grad school at UCF. Can anyone tell me of an adult gymnastics class and any places to learn Olympic lifting. I am originally from Texas so driving isnt to much of an issue for a good place to learn both gymnastics and O-lifting. Thanks All.

I’ve lived here for almsot two years and have gone through 3 gyms. The first was a Y (sucked), then Gold’s (not bad at first), and now I train at the gym in my apartment complex, but I am looking into Orlando Barbell.


One of the owners is Brian Schwab.

" He has been ranked #1 Nationally in the 148 lb. weight class for the past five years. His best lifts in the 148 lb. class are a 722 squat, 606 deadlift, and he recently broke the World Record in the bench press for his weight class for the fourth time with a lift of 508 lbs. These lifts gave Brian the highest total of all time for the 148 lb. weight class with 1836. "