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Orlando Seminar

Now I don’t portend to speak for the moderator or any of the Biotest crew,but its my guess that the seminar is going to consist largely of guzzling loads of free Grow!, doing Ribose-C shooters,popping all kinds of “reds” as I like to call MD-6,and trying beta versions of Euphoria. I bet there’s gonna be these fitness model-looking hoochies giving complemetary “massages” and I think they said Ian Astbury is going to be delivering a brief lecture on his life on the road with the band The Cult. But wait there’s more! At night once we’re all geared up from all the free products we’ve ingested there’s a “dinosaur training” style contest planned. For example I heard one of the events is going to be measuring how far away from the building you can hurl the t.v…from the top story of course. I heard tell of another one that involves helping the valets at the Raddison with a four man team car moving competition. And best of all there’s going to be this buff guy in a thong named Nate who’ll be signing autographs. If you show up in your thong, he’ll even sign it! Sounds awesome huh? I’ll be there. Count on it.