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Orlando Seminar - Thank you Biotest!!!!

I just got back from the Orlando seminar, and I want to say that it was great! If you get a chance to go to a future seminar, I encourage you to do so.

I want to thank Jeff and Billy for running the show. They did a great job, and I know we all appreciate what you did. And the free goodies were great!

John Berardi and Tom Incledon gave some great presentations on nutrition. And it was nice to put a face with the name. And yes, Tom is one strong guy! And John is pretty damn big too! And they are extremely nice! Thanks again for inviting me to breakfast with you guys!

Ian King was phenomonal! I only wish we had more time to focus on training. His presentations have helped me realize how to get my training on track. The stretching session was painful (but it felt so good at the same time). And I learned many new stretches. The hands on information at the gym was great. I can’t thank Ian enough for taking the time to actually show me how to properly execute some exercises (and I won’t do anymore powercleans until my form is “Ian Approved”). Ian truly is one of the greatest guys I have ever met and he has a great sense of humor!

Brian Batcheldor and Bill Roberts really know their stuff about steriods. Both did a great job! I also want to thank my fellow T-men. Even though I felt out of place (I was the little guy among the land of giants!), it was a pleasure meeting everyone, making friends and having a face to the name!

Thanks again!

Thanks for the update! Drop us lazy bastards who couldn’t make it a few tips!

John Berardi gave some great lectures on nutrition called “Massive Eating” and “Don’t Diet.” He will be printing articles on both diets in the near future. His Massive Eating plan is exactly what I need. I realized I eat far too little to gain any mass. His tips on figuring out energy expenditure and meal combinations were extremely helpful as well.

Tom Incledon gave some good presentations on getting lean and pre,during and post workout nutrtion. If you have a chance to talk to Tom, he will blow your mind with the information stored in his head!

Ian King was great! If you've read "Get Buffed" then you have the information at your finger tips. But Ian stressed a few things that I already knew, but wasn't doing correctly. His lecture on prioritization was just what I needed. He was able to visually check my shoulders/back to find imbalances. This helped me realize that I need more horizontal pulling and vertical pushing exercises in my workout. So that means the first day of my training will target those areas! Also, having Ian actually show us how to properly stretch and perform the squat, deadlift, power clean, good morning and bench press was invaluable!

Brian Batcheldor and Bill Roberts were fascinating to listen to. Their drug information was top knotch. Although, for me it didn’t apply since I’m drug free. But it was interesting to listen to them. If performance-enhancing drugs are a part of your life, then you MUST listen to these two guys!