Orlando Sanchez and Sean Strickland Video

Just saw this video of Sanchez and Strickland grappling.

Sanchez ADCC champ open and super heavy I think attempt standing arm bar. Strickland then spinning backfists him and teeps him.

Sanchez appears perplexed at Stricklands reaction. He looks like he has a good 50 lbs on Strickland and looked super aggressive when they were tying up. The kinda body language someone has when you know they don’t care if they fuck you up.

Anyways keen to see what you guys think. All three of you that read this post that is.

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I think it was just a hard overhook / whizzer. Didn’t look like Orlando really was trying to finish a takedown or whip Sean around, so maybe it was just a way of discouraging Sean’s underhook? It’s possible he was just being a dick but I’m not really seeing the offense, even if it does hurt.

I think this is a case of what happens when two douchebags train together.

Shit happens on the mat sometimes. It isn’t tickle practice. They both looked fine to me.

Yeah thats his side of it. If what he says is true I get it. Don’t talk shit.

True. But you could just tell Orlando had bad intentions. But like he said in the interview Burien shared he’s been doing this for 15 years. I am sure if he really wanted to snap Seans arm he could have done it.

If Sean was really talking shit like Orlando says though he def deserved to be checked. Still beat Uriah so guess his arm was fine.

Just re-watched. It’s a little more dick-ish than I thought the first time around. Still - elbows are going to get hyperextended wrestling like that. If he’s being a dick about it and you don’t like it, maybe don’t leave a passive underhook just hanging out there, I dunno . . . .

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Skinny dude is using really poor technique, just Reaching his arm out. Just pawing your am out there is fundamentally whack in any sport. As a result his arm is extended and his hand is blocked under fat guy’s arm. Fat guy shows him how lacking his skills are, and why you don’t reach like that, by putting some pressure on his elbow.

It’s a Cheap Shot. The dirty move looks enough like real action that it’s not against the rules, it’s just unsportsmanlike. Like some JV football crack back block on an un-aware, middle schooler.

Skinny guy takes exception to being “bullied” and throws dirty punch, showing fat guy why you don’t stick your chin out with your hands down while you’re in the ring. Showing him that his fundamentals are also lacking. Punching when grappling is a more obvious Cheap Shot.

I personally think Sean should have committed. You gonna throw a punch and turn it into a fist fight follow through. Don’t back up and tell him to stay away from you. Hahaha.

But Orlando probably would have fucked him up. He’s a bad dude.

I always read your posts and appreciate you taking the time to do it. You are correct about the number of members here anymore. I have felt for several years, the Combat Forum is slowly dying. I have been a member for years and remember when we had multiple martial artists, professional and amateur MMA fighters and boxers. People would post about their current training and upcoming fights on the regional level. There were many heated discussions on “what art is best for these attacks?” Karate vs BJJ, Judo vs kickboxing, etc.

Asking which was better for the street striking or grappling, always guaranteed a heated argument. One of the reasons I started my thread, The Tactical Life and kept it going, was to insure a place for anyone to throw out a question on anything fighting related, a way keep the forum alive. Just keep posting brother, a few of us are still here.

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At least the area I train in this this is referred to as a mirror lock. (If you do much training research you’ll learn in grappling world some moves have different names).

Shortly after this happened we had one of our guys get mirrored in comp, it didn’t tap him but it injure his shoulder and led to him tapping cause it hurt so bad. (It was championship match and he won silver as a side note)

Basically a shallow dig on an under hook sets this up. We had a class a week latter just focusing on digging under hooks and avoiding shallow underhooks.

Imo mirror locks are kind of a dick move outside of comp. However, if Orlando side of the story is true then he had it coming. From my experience, MOST (not all) black belt, bjj/ competitive grapplers aren’t going to be D-bags to ppl they know they can destroy on the mats unless provoked.

And mixed martial artists aren’t known for having massive egos or anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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