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Orlando Barbell Home Glute Ham Bench


I just found a home version of the Glute ham bench while looking around on YouTube. I have wanted/slash needed something in my home gym yo do this crucial movement. As soon as I saw this it took me 2 minutes to go to the website and pull the trigger. Can't wait for it to arrive. I miss my hamstrings from when I had access to one in a gym a few years back. I do a ton of Rdl's but it is not as good for me as ghr.


Sounds great, Jsal. You'll have to post a pic when it arrives.

I can do some GHR by hooking my feet under the bed, but obviously that has limitations.


I tried to Jimmy rig the exercise for years but gave up. I tried to ask the wife to hold my ankles for natural ones but that became a hassle for both of us.


Hete is a pic