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Orlando Barbell Glute Ham Raise


I am looking to get a Glute Ham Raise for a home gym.

I've been looking at the one made by Orlando Barbell. I saw a positive review on the forum and was curious if anyone else owns this and what they think of it. I like that it is small and portable.


I've used a a GHR with a small footplate and one made by Power-Lift. The big foot plate definatly makes a difference. Although I don't like the rolling pads on the Power-Lift.

As far as alternatives.
For the price the only machines I've seen have small foot plates. The only disadvantage I've seen written is that you can't do hyperextensions. Which is not a big deal to me.

And to me, any type of Natural GHR is not the same movement.


Very interested in this. My home gym needs a GHR of some sort.


I bought one of these last Friday from EFS while on sale. When it gets in I'll let you guys know how I like it. I have used an EFS GHR machine before so I'll be able to compare the two. I will say this, EFS doesn't sell junk so I felt completely confident in purchasing this thing. Review will be forthcoming.


Be sure to check out Garage Gym. I've used their GHR and for the price it can't be beat.


Sorry for bumping a thread that's several months old but I'm also looking at the Orlando GHR and wondering how yours turned out for you? Any issues or complaints?

I need a portable GHR and there's really not much out there except this one.


Sorry, just saw this...

SO I've been using this thing for a bit now and I am please with my purchase. The unit is well made and is helping me make some good gains in the gym in various areas. Having used a full sized EFS GHR bench before I can say that the home version is almost identical in functionality as the bigger version. From the floor one can do the top half of the movement and work the glutes, hams, calves. If you want to get in a back extension to do a full range movement simply put the unit on top of a bench and perform the exercise, that's what I do. With the feet pad low it's the least difficult, pads high and it gets brutal. My buddy has a now discontinued GHR from NY BArbells and I can bang out reps on that one. With my GHR I still can't even do a single rep without doing a little push up from the floor ha. That pad angle is no joke man. This thing is very portable. I've taken it to buddies houses to train on. I Think it weight about 50# or so. Can break it down into 2 pieces if need be and you can even hang it on the wall if you wanted to. Here's some pics...please excuse my messy ass garage.


one more


try again....


Sorry for the thread jack but can you show some pictures of the homemade reverse hype in the background of that last picture? I ve never thought of making one that fits in a squat rack. What did you use to make it. any chance you can post of video of how it works. thanks.


yeah, let me get some updated pics for ya ok.. it's super simple and I think it cost me about $45