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Orlando area gyms


Lord willing, I am relocating to Orlando in mid August. My mother has recently become legally blind and is getting older and not in the best of health. I want to be closer to her..hince the move.

Can anyone who lives in the Orlando area recommend a gym? I currently have a LAFitness membership and also a Bally's one that I pay 8 bucks a month for. Since they have both of those chains in Florida..I don't have to change memberships. But at the same time..I would like somewhere decent to train..a place with good hours and good equipment and NOT located in the war zone part of town!
Any advice would be welcome...



What part of Orlando are you moving to?


Depends on what area of town you are moving to. Pretty big area because Orlando is like a big sprawling uncentralized suburb.


Thats a good point...Im not sure what specific area yet. As soon as I know..I will ask again....