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Orion Pictures.

What happened to this outfit? The film company with the Orion Stars as their logo. I was watching Code of Silence (80’s film, police drama with the white Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris) and remembered that Orion produced/made quite a few films in the 80’s, but I’ve not seen them around lately. So what’s the deal? I think they were involved with the Robocop series.

On another note, who's harder: Robocop or the Terminator? I mean the 1st terminator, as T1000 was a mean lean killing machine, and I don't think much can kill him, apart from liquid Hydrogen and some other hot shit in the Aluminium plant (was it an Aluminium plant or something else?).

Likewise Carolco (Rambo series).

As for who’s harder, I don’t think it’s a matter of physical hardness, but the human part of Murhpy/Robocop would make him the weaker of the two.

Orion, I believe, is now part of the MGM/UA juggernaut. Orion also is behind “Amadeus”. Oh, and “Excalibur” (1980). Orion was begun in the late 70’s.

Robotcop is da man, but he’s slow.

Orion filed bankruptcy around 92-93. They spent a lot of money of big production flops and just mismanaged things. Costner made Dances with wolves under Orion. It was thier last profit making picture. Costner lost some $50 million in the Bankrupcy due him for Dancing. It also would seem his film making skills were lost in the process too.

Actaully, I liked “Waterworld” and “The Postman.”