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Orion Explain this!


Srsly wtf

Why do women get their own parking in places in Salzburg?


So that they don't wreck into everybody else's cars?


You will have noticed that they are usually right next to the parking spaces for the handicapped?


I'm calling the feminists to report your ass. You're toast, pal.


Do the men park on the ceiling too?


Hehehe... Go ahead. First thing I'll do is agree with them. Then offer a nice dry white wine and a few slices of brie.


That's the LESBIANS, you fool! The feminists have no time for that nonsense. That march into town in their sensible, crepe-soled shoes, beat you up and make you cry, and then march humorlessly back to wherever they came from.


Someone's ass is gonna hurt.


She said Lesbians not male homosexuality


I realise it's only anecdotal, but lesbians have done that to me a good many times. I live in constant fear of lesbian marching-mobs.


I thought...

Oh nevermind.

Skyzyks, keep the wine and cheese handy, just in case the feminists are also lesbians.


Ah, No. The agreeing with them drops their guard. That softens them up and makes them more receptive to the offer of the cheese. Once they've mellowed a little and I drop a few compliments on the sensibility of their shoes they'll have forgotten why they even came for me.
By the time we get to a discussion of the tenets of a brisk walk they'll be putty in my hands!


Split off their lesbian contingent with wine and cheese and crush the rest.

Divide and conquer.


Talking about the coming and leaving.


Em you look very lesbian in your avi. I approve.


Thank you!


I actually thought she was trying on her "Steve Jobs" Halloween costume.


Tee Hee


OMG, haha!