Orion? Are You Still Here?

I need an update on your romantic life. Please, it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard anything.

Are you kidding?

X-Com 2 has come out.

I won´t have a romantic life ´till 2017, not counting any DLC´s…

If you need any insights regarding the perfect use of surprise grenades in the perfect ambush and the pros and cons of chem grenades vs poison vs incendiary, I am your man.

Goddamnit, this site has accepted my ´… ´´´´

Let´s do a test drive:

ä, ö, ü , let´s get really kinky, µ …




\O-O/ …

I don’t understand. I would have thought that by now you’d have followed some of my top-notch advices and have finally gotten somewhere with this project.


Do you need some more advices?

You have unlocked my umlaut mojo!

Maybe you do not have your magic fully under control !?!

It’s possible. Many surprising things happen as I wind my way through the world, offering advices left and right.