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Original vs Updated Bill Starr

Hi gang,

I’m a BIG proponent of the original BS 5x5, but came across an updated version -right here in tnatjon-and was curious as to if anyone ever ran ‘em both. And if so, how they compared result/fatigue etc wise

I never liked squatting before pressing or benching.

I tried the Upper -Classman plan in my mid 20s, when i was transitioning from college kid to working guy. At the time I switching gyms and changing my lifestyle and schedule.

With all the different lifts and reps schemes there was too much going on and I felt like a I couldn’t get into a comfortable groove with the routine.

I probably should have tried it at a more stable time, when my training had been on track for awhile, and I was crushing it. Like progressing to it instead of jumping right into it.