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'Original Toughman Contest'


Anyone ever worked with this promotion? From what I can tell, it's an all-amateur multi-bout event with 16 oz gloves, groin guard and headgear. Just trying to figure out if they're legit, and since they're advertising a purse whether this would kill my ammy status.


if you're in Texas it would.


If there is a cash prize, you can say good bye to your amatuer status


See, NC calls Toughman events "amateur" but with a purse. Not sure if it means that's an exception to the usual rule of "if you get paid, you lose your amateur status" or not.


Not an exception in Massachusetts


Did the smart thing and talked to my coach. It's a tournament only for amateurs, but the winner gets a purse, and even in NC if you win the purse, you're not an amateur anymore.

Seems like an odd way to do things, but I've been told it's just a bunch of country boys beating on each other with pillows (16 oz. gloves and headgear).

Guess I'll be avoiding this one.