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original t-2

If I was to take say double the dossage of original t-2 with md-6 twice a day would I be asking for trouble? I know what your gonna say stupid question right…but think about this almost all supps directions leave you the max doesage shorter than what would be more effective just to cover their ass…such as prohormone’s (oral anyway)

My suggestion is if you are determined to try this, then build up to the 4th, 5th, and 6th pill over a period of 7 - 14 days (this assumes you are planning to start with 3 pills a day for the first week or so). I would also ease off the T2 in a similar fashion toward the end of the cycle.

You’re right that many companies give ineffective dosages as their maximum recommended dosages, and higher doses do work better and are still safe.

Biotest maximum label recommendations are
the actual highest amount we consider correct for most people.

In the case of original T2, I contributed
on the consulting for dosage, and I considered that more than 3 capsules per day would be excessive for most people. My recollection is
that results bore this out and relatively few people cared to go higher than this, tending to suffer night sweats, tachycardia and so forth if they did.

Anyone who does want to try pushing the
envelope with T2 should do it only one extra capsule at a time, not doubling the dose
or anything like that. That could be seriously excessive.

thanx bill/cardinal I think I’ll stick with 3 caps a day

I’ve used “original formula” T2 for several months (on/off) now and have found it gives an unbelievable “bang” with Tren/Winny/Abombs… Not sure why but when combined I sweat like mad - unbelievable. While I spend most of my time natural I have enough experience with these cycles to definitely “feel” a difference when adding T2.

I’ve taken as few as three caps per day to as many as eight caps per day. I felt the best dosage for me was six caps per day. Then again, I started at over 290 pounds. I believe the most effective dose would depend on your current body comp. The more fat you have to lose, the more T2 you may be able to “get away” with. Just my two cents.