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Original Smolov Jr With Reduced Sets?

Hi Coach,
with this programme if you had to reduce the total number of work sets per day, whats the minimum amount of sets you would recommend for each session at these loads?
DAY 1 70% 6 x 6
DAY 2 75% 7 x 5
DAY 3 80% 8 x 4
DAY 4 85% 10 x 3

Thanks in advance!

I’m not a “Smolov guy”. It’s not a program that I could stick to myself and to me it works simply because you are squatting very often. So I have not studied it enough to answer your question with authority I’m pretty sure that taking 2 sets out on each workout would not hurt you too much.

I don’t recommend fatal modifications. I recommend another program. Reason: regeneration.

Why don’t you just do one of the variations on thibarmy?