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So here's the deal: I'm a 20 something year old, slightly taller guy with a super-fast metabolism. I've tried working out before and managed to put on five pounds in three months, which is pretty good, IMO. However, I still feel on the smaller side at 145lbs.

I was wondering what kind of advice you guys could give me. I do lift weights when I have time and will give you a run down of what my diet basically looks like.

Best lifts: Bosu ball pushups- I can do 50. It took me a little while to work up to that and I really feel it working my core as well.

shrugs- 150lbs. I love how pumped I look after these!

leg press- I can do it with all of the plates. This is honestly my best lift.

Breakfast is normally orange juice or coffee. Sometimes I can squeeze in a piece of toast. Fast food if I get lunch.

I don't like spending money on food so I normally spring for pizza pockets or microwaveable burritos when I get off work (my cooking skills aren't that great). Sometimes I go all out and buy a whole pizza.

I was thinking about trying NO explode products when I workout. Is there a brand you guys would recommend?


Your the same poster right?

anyway like I said see a doctor about your metabolism to make sure there is no underlying issue.

If there isn't focus on whole foods and force it down. Put suger in all your food and buy weight gainers and mix it with banana and oats.

But if your metabolism is this extreme than a doctors visit is needed.


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It will be funny to see who tries and give advice.

My advice: Ok idea, but could have done a lil better imo. You did not mention anything about curls or superduper triple x mass supreme. Bonus points for N.O. question though.



Point being, if you're thinking of asking a similar question, don't.


Diet looks good (assuming you're only doing the toast a few days a week--we don't want to get too out of control with the carbs!), but I'd say that you should get more creative with the Bosu Ball. Hell, I saw a guy doing Bosu Ball headstands the other day, then someone took it from him while he was on a break to do one legged Bosu Ball curls. The latter gentleman clearly got far more of a "pump" due to the lack of stability and the standing on one leg, while the former's neck and back were--needless to say--absolutely jacked.

Something else to look into is doing quarter squats in the smith machine. I hear that the real secret is to tell surrounding gym rats to "Go Big or Go Home" between sets--it is what really leads to massive gains.


if you want to see inverted bosu ball leg press's check out " the sqaut douchebag thread" in the powerlifting forum , i kid you not !


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Whether It is sarcastic or not they went to the trouble of writing one so im going to the trouble of answering it.

How does my advice suck? If this was real point out what i said that was bad advice.


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So I tried the bosu headstands and, once I put it up against the wall with 2 45lbs holding it in place, was able to stay up there a whole 20 seconds. The pump was intense, but I nearly broke my neck coming down so I don't think I'll be trying those again. Also, while I'm used to admiring looks while doing the leg press, I was getting more than usual on this one, so I should probably hold off.

However, the one-leg curls really work! Also, I cut out the toast in the morning. I was wondering if I should replace it with better food, such as a banana. I know, in combination with the orange juice, that's pushing to morning carbs, so I'll leave this one up to you.


Screw the banana-- You need to just GOOJAD (gallon of orange juice a day). The stuff packs on muscle like you wouldn't believe.

Also, be careful about your protein intake. More than .5g/lb of bodyweight is bad for your kidneys.

Trust me--I'm a law student.