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Original Methoxy 7 dosing

While cleaning my room this morning, I to my wonderous surprise, came across a bottle of the original Methoxy 7 I hadn’t realized I had. I’m curious as to what the most efficient use of this rediscovered gem is? Should I use 1600mg for 6 days, 1200mg for 8 days or finally 800mg for 12 days?

same thing happened to me except i have three bottles and was wondering the same. any help would be appreciated.

from bts

The optimal dose for the old Methoxy-7 is 1500 mg/day — 37.5 ml or 7.5 teaspoons — which is almost twice the label recommendation. So, by taking only 8 ml a day, you were way under-dosed.

And use an oral syringe as per Tim’s suggestion.

Pete’s correct Bodyguard (btw I think I recognize your handle). I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon for the dosing protocol.