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Original Black Sabbath Lineup Album/Tour


Oh jeez, new songs, tour. I'd given up hope, can't wait. I don't want to get my hopes too high though.



I'll leave this here.



I hope Ozzy doesn't find a way to fuck this up.

The last time they tried working together, Iommi said that Ozzy wasn't taking it too seriously and not being very dependable.

I'm sure ID will have something to say about this.


It's Ozzys crazy ass wife I worry about, she will be the one to fuck things up, Ozzys a robot that obeys her commands at all times.


All I'm gonna say is that since Ozzy and Sharon have the same plastic surgeon doing their faces, they're starting to look eerily and sickeningly alike.

Long live RJD.


Iommi just posted on his facebook that this is all bullshit. Sorry to be the party pooper.


Seemed too implausible to be true.


Ozzy is embarrassing to watch and hasn't made a worthwhile musical contribution to anything in damn near 30 years. Dio was in top form in the years before he got ill and his album with Heaven and Hell was fantastic.

This is now the Ozzy vs. Dio thread.


(Evil laugh)... oh yeah, bring it Cimmerian!


No contest between the two

Dio \m/


I love 'em both.

Fuck you ID, LOL.


why does this have to be an Ozzy ~vs~ RJD issue?

they both were outstanding in thier own way, kinda like comparing.....

Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra, forchristsake~

oh, and btw...RJD is, ummmm no longer alive....may his soul rest in peace~


Oh she is a b!tch, screwed up all things good and holy


THere is no comparison between Ozzy and Dio in my opinion. While Dio was fucking bad ass, he and Ozzy are just completely different. As far as Sabbath goes, the original lineup can't be fucked with. When Ozzy comes in on Paranoid, if you don't get fucking chills and want to smash your fist through a wall then something is wrong. Or during that breakdown in N.I.B. and don't even get me started on Children of the Grave! Maybe I'm just bias towards Ozzy cause he was the original, but his style was just so much more raw and intense the RJD I think. Sabbath is definitely one of the all time greatest bands ever,they started it all for metal.

and oh yeah: Sharon is a bitch.


I love both Dio and Ozzy.

Say what you will about Sharon......BUT, she's the one who saved Ozzy and his career. He would've long since been dead and buried if it wasn't for her.

She may well also be the death of him... but, still....


Lol, you do make a good point.



the best albums ever made were made with ozzy, not rjd. thats a fact. fact, ozzy is the original. thats like comparing david lee roth to sammy hagar. while hagar is a good singer, he in no way compares to DLR. any van halen fan, knows this. they also know Rjd can not compare to ozzy. ozzy IS black sabbath. rjd is scorpions, that was his band, not sabbath.


But is Ozzy really "alive"?


I like both Ozzy and Dio...but I prefer Dio's non-Sabbath work and I think Sabbath was better with Ozzy.

And Ozzy hasn't done anything worthwhile in 30 years? There's no merit in any of the records he put out with Rhodes or Wylde? I'm pretty sure one of the records he put out with Zack Wylde was the first real metal album I ever owned.


Don't get me wrong - Ozzy's early stuff is legendary, including his albums with Rhoads. But man, he did not age well. And yes, to be fair no one, including Dio, could have sung those early Sabbath songs the way Ozzy did. Sabbath really had to change their music to accommodate Dio's vocal style, and I totally get how some people wouldn't like that.

Well, there goes my internet argument, haha.