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Original 5/3/1, Still Relevant?


With all the different templates and such, does anyone still follow the original 5/3/1 program? With all the great work Jim has put out, has the original been lost or put on the back burner?


I’m not sure where to draw the line between 5/3/1 with some minor modifications (which I do to all programs) and the new beyond 5/3/1. I probably do close to the original 5/3/1 currently with these modifications which are specifically mentioned in the new one, but I may have done the first one on my own before it came out in a book.

  • 2 back to back cycles followed by deload on the 7th week
  • FSL pyramid on everything but deadlifts. so on the 70/80/90% week I would do 90xAMRAP then 80x3 and 70xAMRAP


The philosophy of 5/3/1 has never changed.

If you haven’t got that from the first book, I doubt you will get it from any of the other books.

Yes, it’s still relevant.


Yes, very, very relevant.


To me, Beyond 5/3/1 explains itself in the title. It’s what you could/should (depending on your gorals etc etc) after you exhaust progress on 5/3/1.