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Origin of 'HARDGAINER'...


I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine about why he's not gaining weight
After getting frustrated with the subject, he throws out the line "I can't gain weight, I'm a hardgainer..." and walks away with his bowl of Brown Rice and Broccoli

This got me thinking...
Where did the Term HARDGAINER come from?

If anyone knows or can find a link I would appreciate it


This is who created the terms ectomorph ("hard-gainer"), mesomorph, and endomorph. I would post the website however, there is a lot of advertisments for other supplements there. Just Google search it.


Please tell me he had already eaten his chicken...

'Hardgainer' is an abstract term thought up by some egghead who wanted to strictly classify the large percentage of weight lifters who refuse to fucking eat.


I use to call myself a hard gainer, now I call myself an easy cutter.

The glass is half full, brother.


Back in the 1940s and '50s, JC Hise wrote about "slow gainers" - lifters who typically had trouble gaining bodyweight - and "fast gainers" who saw gains comes relatively easily.

Peary Rader, the publisher of Iron Man Magazine, translated the idea into a "hard gainer" and wrote about the best way for "hard gainers" to eat and train. The old squats and milk plan was actually a commonly prescribed "cure" for the condition.

Stuart McRobert, another popular writer at Iron Man, really popularized the "hardgainer" concept through the '80s and wrote a bunch more about it. McRobert eventually (briefly) published his own magazine named... ... ... Hardgainer.


Well played good sir


That's what I'm talking about.

I was 145lbs when I graduated high school, despite many attempts to gain weight. Tried several more times throughout my 20's with very little luck. Went for it again almost three years ago and I've gone from a skinny-fat 170 to 215 @ 13%.

The difference? FOOD! Eating 'clean' got me to 195. Stalled for a couple months and had to get dirty with it, and BBQ'd my way up to 215. Did a quick re-comp back down to 205, then BBQ'd my way back up to 222. Did a slow recomp recently and now I'm gaining again.

It's all about the food, my friend. All about the food.


We former fat people didn't seee get to always complain about how easily we put on fat and stuff. It became our crutch for people who became undisciplined/didn't work hard the results they wanted as fast as they wanted/etc.

Skinny people wanted a similar outlet.


I've never met a hardgainer in my life. I'm beginning to think they are an urban legend.