Orig. HOT-ROX vs Red Bands

I’ve got 5 bottles of HOT-ROX would taking 3 (1425mg) caps instead of 2 be equivalent to approx. 4 (1500mg) Red Bands? just want to know as I want to get my hands on red brands

I’m guessing you mean 3 caps twice a day?

I doubt that that will necessarily “equal” Red Bands which uses that special delivery system. I’d say use what HOT-ROX you have left then take a few weeks off. How much weight have you got to lose?

I’d also add that taking 4 caps at once on empty stomach make for a mighty mighty good feeling.

I accidently took 4 HOT-ROX in place of Tribex (d’OH!) but do it every so often now for the really great mood enhancement, it’s like a brain massage.