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Oriental Food While Dieting


Ive been debating with a coworker of mine for some time now whether oriental food would be acceptable on a low carb diet. Im addressing what would seem to be most healthy dishes offered. Beef and broccoli, peanut chicken etc. This would not include any deep fried items, rice or noodles.

My biggest concern would be the amount of salt and oil used in the food.

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Now, listen here to what I'm about to tell ya. Orient'l food ain't got no place in a cuttin' diet. No place, no how, no way.

The damn orient'l food is custom-made to get them there orient'ls huge and round like them there sumos. You don't see a skinny sumo, and it's on'a'countta all that orient'l food.

Setting my awesome Archie Bunker impression aside for a sec, if you're talking Chinese food, steamed chicken and vegetables (no sauce) is the best bet. If you're talking Japanese, sashimi (no rice) is the best bet. The majority of other stuff has loads of sugar and fats in the sauce and/or breading.


awesome impression.

would read again.


I can easily punish a shit ton of Oriental food, only to be hungry an hour later.


i think you should write all your posts like this from now on.


I think most people use the word Asian.

Oriental is for carpets.

colucci has sound advice.


But then your covering a much broader range of foods and diets then just the Orient.



Dude, I was in a similar position for a while. Beware because many dishes are stacked with low-carb nightmare ingredients like MSG. Many meats, e.g. ribs, duck, are also sweetened so watch out or it will wreck your keto goals.
I did love going for Chinese hot pot, where you cook the raw ingredients at the table in a boiling vat using a basic stock. I used these to fuel up on a variety of protein sources, e.g. shell fish, as well as green veggies like pak choi and brocolli. Mmmm mouth watering at the thought!


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Are you questioning whether eating out at "oriental" restaurants is compatible with your low carb diet or if eating any sort of oriental food from any source is possible?

If it's the first question, then you're in the same situation as with dining out on any other kind of food; you can piece together a few items that will work on any given menu, but for the most part it will be a pain.

If it's the second, then the answer is easy. Cut the rice/noodles/wheat and what's left in most of your choices will be meat and spices. Just like with every other type of food, the actual recipes for most dishes that are commonly eaten day to day are considerably healthier than the crap at your local restaurant.


not to be a dick, but where exactly is the orient?


Same thing happens to me with asian women.


"Also Dude, [Oriental] is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please."


CCJ you get a +.00001 for failing miserably and making me laugh :slightly_smiling:

Yes, pretty much everything is fried. I used to work at a Japanese restaurant. Now I know never to order sashimi. In terms of health it's more or less like all other restaurants - I'd say worse than others because of the food selection - there's not much you can piece together, even. Sugar is in mostly everything, and stuff like margarine is used.

Plus, Asians are known for being cheap and stingy. I'd just assume they all use low-quality stuff.

Making your own Asian food is infinitely better.


Orient generally refers to the fat east, spanning countries such as China, Japan, The Koreas, Vietnam, going south as low as Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore and all around that general area.

But if your talking about all of Asia, you're also including countries like India, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Khazakstan, and a lot of the Islands in the Indian Ocean (Maldives, etc).