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Orgasm bikes

Have any of you heard of girls having orgasms while riding a bike? A guy I know says he knew this girl who was riding a stationary bike at a gym & was getting tired so she leaned forward onto her elbows & I guess it was just right or something & after enough of that she got off. He said she wasn’t moaning or anything but she was really embarrassed afterwards. I think he’s full of shit because he talks so much, but a girl I asked said it’s possible if pedaling fast enough.

I will never ever ever look at a woman on a bike the same way again, true or not! Just the idea of it happening… Arnold said in Pumping Iron, the pump from lifting is like an orgasm, well I guess he was close!

Before I hooked up with Mrs. Roids, I went with a woman age 22 that told me she used to have an orgasism sliding down banisters as a young teen.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. My girlfriend can have an orgasm from her hands being rubbed (this only happened once), from breast manipulation, from being flogged, and even from putting her hands on my ass. I kid yo not. (Now, the intensity was much less for the ones just involving her hands.)

Also repeated multiple orgasms from sex including anal. No need to bother with clitoral manipulation, and if I’m using my fingers, the G-spot is far better for her than the clit.

Some women just have orgasms way more easily than others.

So certainly I can believe that riding a bike
could do it for some women.

Note to self: On my next date, take a woman bikeriding. But seriously, I’ve heard of women who have had orgasms riding horses.

I never heard of the bike thing, but my wife can cum by doing hanging leg lifts.

I suppose it is possible. I’m not a girl, but I remember shimmying up a pole when I was about 12 and I got the weirdest feeling in my loins…I guess that is what happened to that girl on the bike.