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Organizing Twice Daily Training?

If you want to train 2 muscle groups per day (Such as, back & biceps, or Chest & triceps), as well as perform low-intensity cardio work too, how would it be best to organize your daily training schedule?

Help me pick between these 2 options:

Option A) Train one muscle group for 45 minutes (soon after breakfast), and follow the training session immediately with 20 minutes of cardio. Train the other muscle group later in the day for 45 minutes or so, and follow it immediately with 20 minutes of cardio.

Option B) Perform 40 minutes of cardio in the morning before breakfast. Train both bodyparts later in the PM, in a lifting session lasting about 90 minutes.

I can do either one, but I’d like to know which is ideal for physique purposes. Right now, I’m leaning towards option B.

I suppose my concerns with “B” is that I’ve heard that extended lifting sessions are less effective than shorter ones, and cause increases in cortisol. My concern with option A is that my post-workout drink will be delayed because of the post-workout cardio, and the cardio may be less effective for fat loss.

I’m 6 feet, 226lbs, with a relatively low amount of bodyfat, and I’ve been training about 5 yrs. My goal is more size, while limiting bodyfat gains.

Is there a way you could incorporate cardio on off days…? Because that would be the ideal option imo.
Cardio on an empty stomag might be good if your main goal is loosing fat but i would not use it if you wanna gain muscle mass. Talking about corisol. Cortisol reach its highest level right after you wake up so by doing cardio on an empty stomag only makes it worse.

It all comes down to the cals. You need to have a caloric surplus to gain weight allong with that comes a little bit bf if you do a clean/lean bulk. Accept it and allow your body to add some bf for 12 weeks. After that you could decide what to do next.

For the record…

I am specifically talking about low intensity cardio in both cases… like 60% of max HR.

By two bodyparts, I mean like… Chest & shoulders, for example.

Option A would entail Chest in the morning, followed by 20 mins of cardio, and shoulders in the evening, followed by 20 mins of cardio.

Option B would entail 40 minutes of cardio in the AM, and training chest with shoulders together in the PM.

Christian Thibaudeau, Charles Poliquin, and I think Chad Waterbury have written about two a day training sessions. Check some of their stuff out. I think both reccomend training the same bodypart twice a day, with heavy lifting in the morning and more moderate loading at night.