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Organizing Supplements

I have recently purchased three different types of supplements.I have never really taken supplements before so I dont know how well informed my choices are. As there was a sale on at Holland and Barrat I purchased some whey Protein powder ( low carb ), a good quality fish oil and some creatine.

I am wishing to lose some body fat without recourse to the usual weight loss stacks that contain caffeine, ephedrine etc and was wondering if my choices were good and what would be the best way to take these supplements?

My intention is to take the protein two or three times a day and especially after a workout mixed with a simple carb laden drink like Lucozade ( Gatorade ). Should I also add the creatine to this post workout shake? If I am trying to lose fat should I dispense with adding Lucozade to the protein at all?

What about the fish oil? I plan to take about ten grams of the stuff spread out through the course of the day but would certain times and windows be more optimal?

I like to use 3 scoops of protein(i use a Surge and whey mix) and 5 g of creatine and drink 1/3 20 min before a workout, sip 1/3 during a workout, then pound the last 1/3 at the end of the workout.

I like to take my fishoils with lunch, dinner, pre-bed shake since fat is utilized better by the body later in the day. (I usually take 20-30g fish oil daily tho).

Search the site for other opinions. I konw there are a few roundtable discussions/articles about creatine out there. And Chris Shugart (a FFB) has a piece about simple carbs around a workout may actually help with fat loss.

Everything you need to know is right here on the site and its easy to find.