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organizing renegade/functional strength workouts

Hey Everyone,

I practice Muay Thai/Grappling and am looking into putting a functional strength workout together. I’m basing most of my movements on Coach Davie’s articles and also Charles Staley’s martial arts training book. I want to work out three days a week, and was thinking do push excercies on day, pulling stuff on another, and then third day maybe legs? Pushing would consists of stuff like bench, bent presses, some dips, push press etc. Pulling day would be snatches, pullups, dumbell swings, stuff like that. For legs i was thinking just squats, glute/ham raises, and whatever else i think up. Does this push, pull, leg thing seem like a logical way of dividing things? Up until now i have mainly done body building type stuff. You know, back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, that sort of thing. Building a workout completely around all these compound movements is something new to me.