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Organizing Mon Through Fri Split


i need help!

the next few weeks im just going to do a split routine. i like doing whole body routines, but its just not working out right now for the following reasons:

-cant do compound leg movements right now due to sprained ankle
-school taking a lot of my time, recovery is suffering
-feel the need to add more sets to certain things, end up doing something like an upper body compound day, ending up focusing more on certain muscle groups

so i need to organize this as a split routine taking place monday thru friday. weekends i work sat and sun and cant make it to the gym.

i would like the following days until my ankle is good enough to work the legs back in:

im just having a hard time deciding what should fall on which days because of how they interact with each other. because of that i was thinking of pairing chest and shoulders, or simply doing back/bi's, chest/tri's, shoulders. however, i think id rather just keep arms on their own day...i dont know, ive been thinking about it and cant decide on anything, so im looking to you guys for help.

also, ill probably end up doing something along the lines of CT's HSS-100 workouts. Heavy movement for 4-5 sets, Special movement for 3-4 sets, Single-joint for 3-4 sets, then flushing movement. It's been a while since i have performed workouts where i simply trash one muscle group and call it a day, so i think this is all-around the best thing to do right now.


You should pick a split by CT and just remove legs day and any movements that puts stress on your ankle. CT is really good a creating splits and exercise selections that doesn't create overlapping between each muscle group and exercise. Have fun and and good healing.


mon back
tues chest
wed off
thurs arms
fri shoulders/traps
weekend off


Last I remember you posting, you mentioned being in a motorcycle accident. That's a shame that it happened, is this the first you've been to the gym since? If so, you must be champing at the bit to get back, mazel tov! Are deadlifts out of the question w/ the ankle injury?

MTTP, I find that when I do chest and tris on the same day, the benching makes my dip numbers suffer (very vain, can't have that.) I'd say your best bet is Monday, back & tris, Wednesday, shoulders & traps, Friday, chest and biceps. Keep us posted!


thanks for the replies. yea the accident still has some things messed up. ankle is the worst, its just taking forever to heal. yes, deads are out of the question. i actually gave pin/rack pulls a try the other night and while it didnt hurt so much as i was doing it, it seemed to have set my ankle back a few days or so in the mobility department. in addition to being sprained, theres a small bone fragment that broke off the back of my heal- so small it didnt make sense to cast it, but apparently big enough to get sore after any kind of deadlift.

but, i have been back in the gym for about a month now. started off really light with machines and such. theres still things i cant do, mainly regular benching. my shoulder is still a little fucked, so im doing therapy two days a week for that. in the mean time, i am using the hammer strength wide press for my heavy chest stuff, i can do it pretty well, but i cant bench that great.