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Organizing Events Training and Strength Work

I’ve got a PL meet in 3 months, but afterwards I want to start programming for and competing in strongman.

What considerations should I be making when organising the “standard” strength work in the gym, alongside the various events.

I generally train 3-4 days per week, so what are the pros and cons of dedicating a whole training day to events versus training events after my “main” strength work?

Should I treat log and stone loads as main lifts or events which rotate in and out?

Finally, do I need to be very systematic in my rotation of events as I train, or can I just vary event, load and time every couple of weeks until I know what’s in competition?

Check out Hafthor and Martins’ YouTube channels for ideas. They look to do some event and some general strength/fitness work most sessions. Have seen events first and strength first so dunno about the order

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It’s long but exactly what you are looking for:

Why not tag in some competitive strongmen?

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For just starting out and not preparing for a specific competition, I would suggest just having a dedicated event training day every week, and practice a carry, stones, and an overhead press on that day. That would be a loose template. You could always swap in or add a throw, or a grip event, but that’s a good general way to do it. Then when you get signed up for a comp and know the specific events, you can focus on those.

Deadlift training, however you’re doing it, should translate well to whatever your specific deadlift event is. Just get used to straps if you aren’t already, and maybe throw in different pick heights, and use an axle bar from time to time. deadlift training is not complicated.

You will almost always see either an axle or log press. So learn both. Maybe on your event day, just alternate between the two every week. The cleans on both implements are very different from barbells, and will take time and effort to learn. Put a lot of work into this.

You’ll almost always see atlas stones as well. Stone training is CRUCIAL. The best strongmen are all excellent at stones. The strength and power required to lift atlas stones translates well to EVERYTHING. I would highly recommend practicing these once a week.

And always include a carry, because they show up in every show as well. Vary it between the following: carries you hold in your hands like farmers and frame. Yoke. And then front carries like hussafell, sandbag, and keg. You could even practice these in a medley form while you’re learning them so you can get practice with multiple implements each week. So something like 30m runs with a yoke followed by 30m back with a sandbag, or something like that.

However you structure it, you’ll get stronger and you’ll learn the events. That’s all that really matters.

I practice events every training session now, as my training is ALL about strongman at this point. You’ll likely progress to that type of format at some point, but the way I outlined above is how I started and it was very effective.


Thanks man, I watched the video and it was really helpful for the events training ideas

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Thank you for such an in-depth response. Based on what you’ve told me, I’m planning on just using 5/3/1 for bench, OHP, deadlift and front squat, plus an events day.

Here’s what I’ve got


  1. Bench Press: 5s PRO
  2. Seal Row: 3 x 12
  3. Seated DB Shoulder Press: 10-15-10
    4A. Face Pulls: 2-3 x 15
    4B. Lateral Raises: 2-3 x 10-15
    4C. Biceps: 2-3 x 8-12


  1. Front Squat: 5s PRO
  2. Good Mornings: 3 x 12
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats: 8-12-8
    4A. Hamstring Curls: 2-3 x 15
    4B. Pull-Ups: 2-3 sets to failure
    4C. Ab Wheels: 2-3 x 10


  1. Deadlift: 5s PRO
  2. Overhead Press: 5s PRO
  3. Barbell Rows: 5 x 8
    4A. Single-Leg RDL: 2-3 x 10
    4B. Incline DB Press: 2-3 x 12
    4C. Band Pull-Aparts: 2-3 x 15


  1. Pressing Event: Variable
  2. Loading Event: Variable
  3. Moving Event: Variable
  4. Conditioning if time allows

The rep ranges are a basic guide, and the giant Sets at the end may not get completed because of time constraints (45min-1hr total).

Are there any glaring holes in that program?


If you’re looking to use 531, I’d honestly go with one of the two free 531 Strongman plans out there, one by Chase Karnes and the other by Aaron Moody. Jim Wendler has signed off on Karnes’ version (he has paid versions as well).

Both follow the general outline @flipcollar described

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Cheers man, I’ll check those templates out

EDIT: Read through the Karnes article and it looks solid

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I think once a week implement practice is a good way to go about it during the offseason. I changed my training to 3 full body days prepping for my last comp, 2 event days and 1 barbell day. The competition I plan on doing is known for being heavy and there are multiple events where half the weight class, and sometimes the entire weight class, will 0 so I think the comp weight should also factor into frequency.

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I’m going to resurrect this thread.

I started the Chase Karnes 531 for strong man. And then God in his infinite wisdom struck the world down with Covid-19. So not only has the gym been closed I’ve lost my fucking job. So I couldnt afford to go anyway. But hey - let’s stay positive and control what we can.

I’m all out of dedicated strong man equipment.

I have access to a private gym and wondered how best to replicate the events day.

Log press = push press / heavy dumb bell clean press. There are dumb bells up to 50kg I can use. Happy here.

Farmers walk = trap bar / frame carry. Happy here also.

Front carry = the gym has 2x 50kg plates I can use. again happy.

There is a sled I can use. Again very happy.

It’s just stones and yoke.
There is not enough room to walk the squat bar around to do yoke.
And I have no idea how to replicate stones.

Any ideas of what I could add or is it just forget them and add in extra work on the ones I can replicate?

Thank for any help

Man check out Brian alsruhe channel. He has several videos on how to replicate strong man implements in a commercial gym. Of course nothing is the same as using exactly what you need but when it isn’t available there are ways around it to simulate it. It looks like you’re on your way anyways but wouldn’t hurt to check it out if you like the rest of us have extra time on our hands.

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If you don’t have a contest with a yoke then I wouldn’t do the yoke - just squat. Your body will thank you.

Kegs and sandbags make good substitutes for stones or you could always do natural stones.

Will do thanks.

0 access to them, 0 cash to buy some. I do how ever have some 300mm polypipe I could fill with a bag of concrete and 2 bags of sand. That’s an easy 75kg.

Thank you gents!

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