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I don’t know if others have similar issues but sometimes I have looked for training programs, explanations of exercises, etc. and have had a hard time. Now I love this site and it has a crapload of great information but I think it would be nice to just have like an article page where you could see a list of the programs, exercises, articles in an organized fashion. Hell, I might try to do it myself if it hasn’t already been done. Just wanted to check here first!

Chris Shugart put together “My Big Fat Training Guide” which are two articles that link to a bunch of great training programs. They came out in September '03.

This is what you are lookng for. Alas since the redo of the t-nation site, some of the links work, and some do not.



Patience my boy, patience.

We’re working on organizing and ranking ALL the articles in order of importance or quality.

You’ll be able to access articles based on category, author, or rank.

Awesome, my friend! What a great place … ask and you shall receive! LOL

I think organizing by author would be the BEST idea, since some authors deal with mostly training and some nutrition.

I’ve said this in another post, but I’ll say it here, too. I would love to see a video section that includes movements from the “Exercises You’ve Never Tried” series and other not-so-common movements.

If a contributor submits an article with complex or uncommon exercise movements, have him submit a video clip. As great as most of the contributors are in their descriptions of movements, a video clip would make understanding it that much easier.

I even offered to resord and submit video clips of myself to get the video section rolling. Perhaps it could be a new forum section. The readers could then just request a video clip of the confused movements. Then T-Mag contributors or other readers could submit video clips.

I think it is a great idea and most of the nation would love to see this. So whaddya say, TC? C’mon Shugs, are you listening?


Our first article to feature a MPEG will be posted Monday.

Others to follow.