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Organic vs Wal-mart


In a bulking phase and for a college student it's damned near impossible to go out and buy enough wild caught fish and grass fed beef to make the gains. Now I'm thinking that it wouldn't be all that bad to buy a pound of of grass fed and wild caught salmon but then filling in the gaps with much more affordable ware. Seem sound?


At this point in your life, do what your finances allow.

Later on once your income is greater, then perhaps go for the more expensive stuff.

oh, do you have a Trader Joes near you? they’re wild caught salmon is as cheap as farm raised stuff.


No Im in Florida so I have a Whole Foods but their wild caught is $16 as opposed to $6-$10


Why must you buy organic? The macronutrients are so much more important if you’re “bulking” than any differences between farm raised/wild animal food. Is it a moral thing?


There’s lots of nasties in the nasties. I wouldn’t touch it. A nice thing about Whole Foods is that even their non-organic beef still must meet much higher requirements than anything at Wal-Mart.

It’s all about priority, but I’d take quality over quantity, and use a mix of cheaper proteins (eggs, powders, exe) to make up the caloric differences rather than settle for a piece of shit piece of meat that probably has shit all up in it.


Find out if there are local fishmongers, butchers, and grocers who sell to restaurants. You may be able to get together with a few friends to buy in bulk to save, although if you aren’t in a city you might have to make a weekly drive.


Im actually the only ‘healthy’ athlete I know. Damn well I honestly cant live only on eggs I need beef and chicken and such…Anyone know of Land & Sea? Good middle ground. Cheaper than Whole foods, less quality, but better than Super Wally. Its a meat shop so Id think its ok. I just cant afford to bulk from Whole Foods


Eatwild.com, you can find if there is a local farm in your area. I found a farm about 1hour away from me. Selling 20lbs of mixed Organic grass-fed cuts for close to $8/lb.

I try to stick to organic,grass-fed & wild also. It’s not cheap so I only buy organic for foods that are treated the most w/ chemicals (apples,berries,spinach). Also I don’t go overboard with the grass-fed. I’ll stick to cheaper cuts like ground, stew & cheaper steaks. For fish you can try a cheaper alternative to salmon like sardine or mackerel both good sources of omega-3.Plus they’re low on the food chain so mercury shouldn’t be that big of an issue. Also they make you feel like a giant cause they are small fishes.


I just dont know. Damn guess I should move back in with my mom to afford real food


guess I should suck it up and forget about buying steaks $3-$4/lb and go with the better quality…$12/lb…hmm I wonder what the real world difference is though. Guess Ill just buy eggs and whatever isnt too bad a price…bye bye steak!


Fuck organic, fuck it all to hell. Get your numbers in every day. If your finances only allow you to eat “tortured, tormented, and unloved” chicken breasts at 1.97/lb then so be it. 9.99/lb chicken and 14.99/lb beef will not build a better body, IMO. At the end its your choice. This is merely my two centavos.



I still live at home, to fit in with everyone else I eat chicken that is bought for me. I get 5 breasts in a bag for £4, so about $6, I know the meat is battery raised, but I dont mind. I’ve convinced them to buy Omega 3 eggs tho, for the extra 10 pence a pack.


salmon burgers at costco - wild caught, 3.xx a pound

canned salmon, like 1.50-2 bucks a lb


All right here’s my compromise…organic everything, BUT meat. Ill pretend all those little antioxidant will fight to the death with all the ‘cheap’ meat i take in.


In my experience, the more the animal suffers, the more delicious it is.

See: Japanese raised Wagyu


Thats what I like to hear :)(sorry PITA followers)


At Whole Foods are you buying the outside brands or the 365 store brand?

If you stick with 365 where possible it can help. Even comparable to Trader Joes. I think you can also order organic online as well but I’ll have to ask around to find some decent sites for you.


wow that didn’t take long.

Here are two online listings. Wayyy too many for me to filter for you, so I’ll let you look and see what seems doable for you. Hope this helps. If you have to commute at least you know they will keep in the freezer.

(scroll down and look for Florida locations)

(just look for something close to you)


thanks for the extra effort Barachiel! Yea I buy their 365 products for condiments and EVOO and the such. But I only have to buy those items quite sparingly as I only buy their P-nutty (2 lb jar I believe) and their EVOO in a tin


Yep gonna stick midway and go to my local Land&Sea for meat. Online meat is WAY outta my price range