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Organic Veggies = Holy Crap!


I've been doing the Precision Nutrition program for a few weeks now, but this week I decided to go from zero to 100% organic.

It's taken me all day to eat just one salad out of the four I'd prepared.

Organic tomatoes and green peppers have such strong flavour I have to pinch my nose to eat them. The organic baby spinach has a ridiculously strong earthy taste to it that I can't drown out no matter how much balsamic vinegar I throw on it.

I think I'll have to go back to chemically-grown vegetables and slowly ease myself into the organic scene. This is just too much.



Dude, talk about not being worthy of a screen name. :slight_smile:


as you yanks say SUCK IT UP

you need discipline. try the Velocity Diet for a week. its great for appreciating food again. you lose your finikyness real fast. any solid food will taste great after the V-Diet. you'll be eating pickled sardines, bones n all, venison heart stew. etc and you will bloody like it, especially how it makes you feel. so SUCK IT UP for the love of god


Who wouldve though? Food that actually has a taste to it when it isnt doused and drownded in chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Tough it out. I actually enjoy the taste of Greens now.


Shut up and eat you crybaby. Organic is good for you.


He's not a yank!


more like it isn't bloated with water.


don't be a freaking pussy and eat the damn salad!


Blimey, vegetables with flavour= a problem?

This concept is boggling my mind too much for me to engage sympathy mode.


Are all Canadians this gay?


Hey, no need to rag on the Canadians! I've been eating CO fruits and veggies for 3 months - they taste so much better, I've probably tripled what I was eating previously. The regular crap at the supermarket just doesn't cut it anymore.





1. Although Alberta is overrun by ignorant, uneducated, homophobic, misogynist, redneck hicks, it is not (yet) a part of the United States of America.

2. Didn't mean to step on any insecure egos, guys. Go back to doing whatever it is you do to fill that weak feeling inside.



nice..is there such a thing as a flame reversal?? If so .. that is the best one I've ever read..

p.s. is priceless




If your organic spinach is tasting "too earthy", I'd say you need to wash it better.


HAHA thats awesome!


You give up so quickly it seems. Tastes you aren't used to will not taste normal initially - but why organic spinach is so pungant to you is curious. You need a bit more patience to acquire tastes for good food.

Zero to 100% also might be too fast, too soon- perhaps ease into it a bit slower. Don't take recipes for salad dressings as is too-be creative- instead mix in flavours/spices/herbs that you find tasty. Eating should make you feel good -not like you are consuming a dish of sour medicine.


Being Albertan is as close to being a Yank as you can get, without actually being a Yank.


This should become a classic!