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Organic Soy Milk Bad?

I know staying away from soy isolates is bad, but is organic soymilk (only ingredients are water and organic soybeans along with some splenda and natural flavors) okay? I LOVE milk but dairy tends to bloat me and this stuff tastes great and is low carb…

Also what about organic soy flour? There was a recipie on the box for some soy pankakes that sounded good…

If milk upsets your stomach try raw milk, www.realmilk.com for sources, this stuff is great, I fell great while drinking it, unlike regular milk where I would fell bloated, get worse acne, etc. I havn’t tried either of these but heard that carb countdown lactose milk, lactose pills work good.

Jury still out from time to time a soy food aint going to kill you I would not personally make ANY of them a staple