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Organic, Free Range Egg Yolk Color?


does the color of an eggs yolk say anything about how healthy it is? ive been eating omega-3 enriched eggs and the yolks are bright, almost orange. today i decided to try organic, free range eggs and the yolks looked pale yellow. is this how free range eggs are supposed to be?

i checked the website of the distributers and they seem to be legit showing vids on how they feed their chickens with hormone free, organic veggies. thanks!


I look foward to my eggs every morning and organic free range eggs are the way to go!!
Omega 3 enriched eggs taste fishy.The whole idea of it pisses me off! If I want omega 3 I will take fish oil, I dont want it or need it in my eggs. That also applies to omega 3 bread. I dont want my bread to taste like fish. FFS!!!
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Oh, and I forgot to add, I wouldnt worry about the colour of the yolk. I dont think it counts for anything. You will get more variations with free range eggs.
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unless the yolk is black or some shit color doesn't matter, it depends what they feed the chicken


This makes no sense, omega-3's aren't just in fish.

OP it doesn't really matter, if it's bright it's bright. Although i have noticed that when i do get local eggs (which are free range, live in a country town) the yolks are darker than store bought.


im pretty sure omega 3 eggs are made by feeding the chicken a diet higher in omega 3s. this source of omega 3s does not come from fish from what i have heard.


Flax generally. I think the fish taste is all in his head. He probably thought omega-3 stuff all comes from fish oil.


thats exactly what i thought.


im very lucky i get all my eggs from my friend that keeps chickens like a hobby . there all different(shells and yolks) but what does give them their yellowy couler is when their fed on corn , the more corn they eat the more yellow the yolk . what you should notice is how clear the white is when you crack them open



My chickens get largely table scraps and have dark yellow yolks. What is a lot of corn for a chicken?


i dont know . thats what he gives his chickens scraps n veg's besides the corn . i thought it was funny when i found out they eat almost anything .


Pretty much. They'll even go cannibal.


im definatly gonna keep my own chickens when i finish my house


I've noticed the fishy taste in O3 eggs too, but only when they're hard boiled.

Egg yolk colors vary: no big deal.


thanks everyone!


When I used to get the best eggs in the whole world ever (from a family who raised chickens and fed them on sourdough bread and spare veggies) they were super dark yolks- like a deep gold. They were the tastiest eggs ever. I can't hardly eat storebought anymore.


Yer, like one of the other guys said, maybe I am imagining it, but there is something "fishy"(no pun intended) about those omega 3 eggs and bread.
Maybe its not a fish taste, but it just doesnt taste right.
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