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Organic Foods


Hello everyone this is Jakealoo, a humble college kid comin out of Eugene Oregon. I want to chat with people about Organic foods vs Conventional foods. Ive been training (passion/hobby) for 4 years now and recently realized I lived in a mecca of quality foods. The term "quality food" could have many meanings and it has had two contexts for me throughout my days.

At one time it meant anything that I could consume without dieing. Now to me it means the food has mostly organic ingredients which most of the time translates to the foods being healthy. I feel that this had a huge part in me becoming disgustingly lean and feeling as on-point mentally as I do these days. So I wanted to throw that out there to contact others like me, others that might share a similar story of when a Meat-head meets Hippy and becomes savage beast.


This is the most overtly homosexual post I have seen in a while.


I hear ya bro...I brew tea (6 cups in) and when I talk about my eating habits I do sound like a hippy at least 1/4th of the time"...if it ran, swam, flew, or GREW OUT OF THE GROUND"


I'm with you on the yummy organic food and naturally/humanely raised meats. With the exception of Surge and Grow! products, I am on what I call a "Genesis" diet. My coworkers look at me funny when they offer me something and I check the label for artificial flavors/ingredients.


I think its more important to make sure your diet is in order, before you make the jump to organic foods. If you are still eating garbage then cleaning that up should be first. If you have that down, and you can afford the overpriced organic stuff then go for it.


Just remember, organic =/= healthy. You can drink organic soda all day with 100% organic cane-sugar. It's still crap.

I think what you are talking about is whole foods more than certified organic. I agree, in general the less processing the better. It's what we are made to eat. If it comes in a box or shrink wrapped, I probably won't eat it.


about 75% of my food shopping is Organic. Like spartiates said, I don't really buy any packaged stuff. Once in a while I'll buy some High Fiber cereal when I get bored of Oatmeal.

-Stuff like Onions,Garlic,rice,quinoa,oatmeal & kiwi I don't buy organic. I believe they don't get much treatment so there for I feel it's okay for me to eat.

-all Animal products I buy organic. Except beef, I stick mostly to grass fed even though it's not organic.

I don't tell any of my friends or co-workers my eating habits though. I don't want them to think I'm spreading some kind of Dogma.