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Organic Food


I never really got the organic food movement until I finished the V-Diet. I have been trying to eat lately--I had a bite of a doughnut from one of the best bakeries in Chicago this morning and tossed it, I can taste the shitty burnt oil they fry these things in now. I can taste all the crap that is in my local water as opposed to just filtering it. Regular tomatoes are tasteless, but the home grown organic heirlooms taste 10 times better.

That goes for all food, it is amazing how the grass-fed beef taste so much better than the crap from the supermarket now. I was just recently sick with the swine flu and was eating soup and bread. I couldn't eat the butter on bread anymore, supermarket stuff just tasted like crap. A touch of good olive-oil was all I needed. Taste sensations are through the roof and refined food that is loaded with so much crap flavoring is too powerful.