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Organic Butter Same as Grass-Fed Pastured?


Is organic butter from grass-fed pastured cows? Is it organic because they don't give the cows hormones and anti-biotics?

If the cows were grain fed they would have to give anti-biotics to get rid of the e.coli...correct? From what I understand feeding cows grains may cause the cows to get e.coli, so they would have to give anti-biotics. ???

I have gotten both organic butter and butter that is from pastured cows, but is there a difference?



Organic butter is from dairy cows that have been fed organic feed, and don't get any antibiotics, or anything like that.

Pastured butter is the 'good stuff', because it's got all the good things associated with grass-fed beef (CLA, Vitamin A, etc.)


Have you considered reading soem of the hundreds or thousands of articles on nutrition on this site or god knows how many articles on the 'net or god knows how many nutrition texts in stores?





What exactly is a forum for? Isn't it to ask questions and discuss certain topics? Of course I could google the answer to the question, but I would like to hear the answers of some people that have the same training goals as myself...not an article from some tree hugger that has never stepped foot in a weightroom. Its also to create some discussion that may lead to some more interesting topics. You dork.

To everyone else....

Wouldn't you have to give a cow antibiotics if they were fed grain (even if it was organic grain) to combat the e.coli?

If not...orgainic isn't really any better than regular butter right?



According to the movie Food Inc. It is the corn that caused the e.coli. A large percentage of cows that are fed corn got e.coli. There guts just aren't made for digesting grain. They said finishing a cow on grass would get rid of the e.coli. How much of that is true...i don't know.

Also, don't you think cows eat grass that has been shit on? Obviously I am not an expert on this subject.


It's a valid question and I've wondered the same thing since reading about pature butter on this website. Organic butter was the closest thing I could find at the grocery store.


When cows are fed grains (in particular corn) they can develop acidosis as a result of the lowered pH in their digestive tract. This is more favorable to certain pathogenic strains of E coli. And as this acidity more closely resembles our own this bacteria is more likely to infect us. Additionally, they can develop abscesses allowing bacteria to pass directly into their blood streams. Pretty nasty if you read up all about what happens to the cows under feedlot conditions.


get Irish butter, its usually grass fed, they sell Kerrygold at cosco and I know ive seen it at other grocery stores, 100%grassfed.


Corn also changes the essential fatty-acid profile...

It's terrible stuff really.

If I have to choose between certified organic corn fed, and grass-fed non-certified organic, grass-fed wins every time.