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Organazing a powerlifting meet

Hello all. I don’t if you can help but I think you can

I’m going to try to put together a powerlifting meet. just for background I live in Isreal and no one has ever heard here of powerlifting, although I’ll bet there are some strong guys out here (somewhere).

If any one can tell me what do I need for this in terms of:
A. Setup, any special equipment beside a barbell and plates (and a squat and bench rack)
B. rules, weight classes?
C. I couldnt possibly “test” people for stuff but is there any way I could make it fair? if not then never mind.

if there are guys here who did stuff like that I’ll be more then appreciative.



This is a helluva task, but it can be done if you have the funds, patience, man-power, etc… I’m not sure you realize what you’re getting yourself into.

Check out Dave Tate’s site at Elitefts.com for some articles about setting up a meet, as well as some articles at deepsquatter.com (sorry, don’t remember names of these articles).

What Steve said. Also, check this site out: www.powerlifting.com/

It has plenty of links for resources, info on anything powerlifting related.

Yeah, thanks steve. I was just thinking of a fun thing more then a “task” thing. guys that love lifting, let’s go competetive! something like that. just want to steer up stuff and since I’m unemployed but in good shape, now’s the time that I can put some effort in.

I’ll post some adds and I’ll see what happens.

Do you really live in Isreal. Because thats not how you spell it. The only meet i was in didnt have much equipment. They had squat stands, bench, squat bar, regular bar, deadlift bar and weights. You dont need a whole lot but you do need to read around to see how they are run.


whats the difference between a DL bar, a squat bar, and a regular bar?


deadlift bars tend to be longer and more easily bendable which can increase the deadlift because the weight is not pulled as high off of the ground. A squat bar tends to be heavier if not thicker with much less bend than a regular olympic bar. Bench bars are often just a regular olympic bar.

Thank you my good man. Are they realy needed? or a luxury?

here the bar rules vary from federation to federation. the highly bendable deadlift bar will add some weight to a persons deadlift, but is not necessary. What I think is the most necessary is a good quality, sturdy squat bar, there are several on the market for this purpose. I did an IPA meet awhile ago and they had a squat bar that weighed around 65lbs and it was great and did not even bend too much when I squatted 700lbs. I think this bar is necessary because when you set up, you do not want to have to wasted time and energy to wait for the bar to stop bouncing around, it is also a safety issue.

Thanks again for your time!