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Organ Meat Recipes

I would like to take advantage of the low price of a lot of organ meats but would also like to have some recipes to go along with them. And recipes you have tried, I can pull things off the internet but would prefer to hear some that people have tried. Pictures would be a bonus.

I used to eat liver as a kid and liked it but didn’t the last time I cooked it for some reason. Also enjoy my grandmother’s steak and kidney pie but that seems like a lot of work for just me. I could try to pick up some recipes from watching Hannibal but again, pretty complicated recipes for one guy to enjoy.

Livers or kidney, whatever really

Chop and put them on skewers, i like mines slightly bigger pieces so the centers are juicier. BBQ them, maybe even a little charred outside and then dip them into the sauce

Sauce: Fresh ginger
soy sauce
lime juice

Crush some ginger and red/green chillies. Mix them with soy sauce and a little honey/sugar and leave in the fridge overnight. Before dipping the liver in, squeeze a little lime in it

Inspired from Thailand streets, enjoy!

You can use livers/kidneys whatever you want really, pretty simple recipe

Just chop them and put them on skewers. I usually like bigger pieces, they tend to be juicier in the center and then BBQ them, preferably on charcoal, maybe even a little bit charred on the outside. And then dip them into the sauce

Sauce: Soy sauce, fresh ginger and chillies, honey/sugar, lime

Crush the ginger and chillies in the soy sauce, add a little honey/sugar and leave it overnight. Just before you dip the liver in, squeeze some lime juice.

Inspired from the streets of Thailand, enjoy!

When I visited Nards in Taiwan, I had some beef organs at a night market.

Chopped up liver, heart, and intestines all cooked on a hotplate and then served in a cardboard cup that would usually hold fries. Not sure if it was cooked in sauce or not, but I did not taste any distinct saucy flavour.