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O'Reilly Gets Owned


Anyone see Bill O'Reilly on Letterman the other night? Dave made him look like an asshole.

Actally, Bill made himself look like an asshole; Dave just pointed it out.

Watch the clip until the end, it's worth it.



Dave's strongest statement was that he's not smart enough to debate with Bill O'Reilly. I'm no O'Reilly fan, and I love David Letterman. Dave just threw some touchy-feely "gotta feel for Cindy Sheehan" crap out and let the loons in the audience clap.


oh yea, owned big time...

When's "The O'Letterman Factor" going to debut?


I think you're way off on that one. Letterman said that O'Reilly is anything but "fair and balanced", was incredibly rude to O'Reilly and then said that he has never watched the O'Reilly Factor and based his opinion on what he read and heard from others.

How the hell can you have opinion like that when you've never even listened to the show? It would be like me saying Charles Poliquin is a bad strength coach, because a few people on a message board said he was a bad strength coach, even though I had never tried any of his excercise programs or read his books and articles.

How the hell would that make for an informed opinion? I thought Leterman came off as a clueless first class a**hole.


O'Reily is a big fucking hypocrit. He preaches on and on about morals and values while he sexually harrases an employee then pays her to keep her mouth shut.

Fuck him if he where a man with any integrity he would have admitted what he did and appologized. Admitting he is a human being and makes mistakes and works on being a better person would have helped his credibility with me.

Hey I can understand not wanting her to play the tapes, but he paid her hush money and didnt take any responsibility for what he did.

He also distorts FACTS on a regular basis, opinion is one thing, but a fact like a statistic for example needs to be reported accuratly. He mistates facts all the fucking time.


Almost every point O'Reilly made was taken completely out of context. Most of his points were even discussed here.

Plano- This point was about the school did not purchase red and green napkins.

Freedom Fighter- Check up on that one. She did not mean it that way in the original context.

My favorite line from Dave was "It's always a pleasure" at the end though.


Owned? seriously Harris, you're reaching there. I like Letterman but he was out of his league there as was evident with his lack of information and his propensity to change the subject when the debate heated up. I mean he even resorted to name calling, come on.

And did letterman really try to assert that the Bush administration was responsible for all of the intelligence prior to Iraq? What an ignorant douchebag. He's obviously much better at kissing oprah's ass.

You gotta have something better than this harris. The quality of your bullshit is starting to take a dive.


I'm not a Bill O'Reilly fan but there was no way he was owned in this discussion. What the hell were you watching?


Hey, thanks for posting that video.

I don't agree that O'Reilly "got owned" though. I think it may have appeared that way to someone who was simply listening to crowd reactions, since that crowd was clearly more sympathetic to Letterman that O'Reilly (they film that show in Manhattan, after all).

I think, if anything, Letterman came off pretty badly by admitting he bases his opinion of O'Reilly's show on "what he reads." What kind of amateurish nonsense is that?

O'Reilly's right. People who call the insurgents in Iraq "freedom fighters" are way off base, whether their children died in Iraq or not. For every one Cindy Sheehan, there are 100 parents of lost soldiers who support the campaign in Iraq and despise what Sheehan is doing.


Good post Harris!


It was fun to watch.

It would have been funner if that debate was on the ORielly factor and not Letterman's studio with an entire audience ready to clap any time Letterman finished a sentence.


Dave was right, he can't compete with ORielly....not face to face anyway, Orielly is good at what he does...I guess I mispelled ORielly a few times oh well.


Certainly not.


O'Reilly is a jackass. I am watching that video as I type this.

You can't say "Christmas"? That particular view point was dreamed up and blown out of proportion. An "erosion" of Christmas? Please. I am sick of this response as if Christianity itself is that under attack when the truth is, I swear we are getting "morals and values" shoved down our throats every time Congress convenes.

O'Reilly also went on to describe the school that changed some words of "Silent Night", when the reality is, they were doing a specific version of the song that was part of an older play. I am also tired of hearing so much bitching about being politically correct only to then have the same hypocrits act offended if you dare call them out of their name.

I do give him credit for even admitting that the war in Iraq was a big screw up. It seems that most "Conservatives" can't face this fact. However, for him to repeat that bullshit about Sheehan calling insurgants freedom fighters was already debunked on this site.

It was taken out of context. Letterman was right to state that O'reilly can not speak for those who lost loved ones in that war. We all agree that we should support our troops.

Hell, I am one of them and I hate that my brothers in the armed services are losing their lives for this when the truth is, I doubt many conservatives would let many Iraqi families even live with them if the opportunity arose but they will cheer on sending people to die for them.

Of course Letterman had the advantage by having O'Reilly on his show. I wouldn't say it was a knock out of the ballpark hit for Letterman, but O'Reilly has to be losing favor. I used to watch his show but have found it more and more unwatchable over time.

I do respect O'Reilly for keeping his cool even though he was getting hammered. It shows he is tough under pressure, but I am truly tired of rehashed, dated talking points being his platform.

O'Reilly is a decent entertainer who took his "talent" and tried to make money. However, he is an entertainer that I am beginning to truly dislike.


You must high on crack. Dave was just plain rude. Instead of his normal,boring,celebrity ass kissing questions, he decide to challenge O'Reilly opinions...Why? He didn't make a good argument. Dave tried to pretend that he wasn't aware that some people are uptight about saying 'Merry Christmas', and because he doesn't care there isn't a problem. It just came off rude.

He did the same thing to Limbaugh about 15 years a go. I'm not a fan of either one but that's not what Dave does with everyone else. Therefore it looks too much like Dave's starting a contraversal grudge match. Dave needs to retire already. It's over for that old fart.


Given that they were both acting pretty retarded in that video, what it comes down to is that O'Reilly acts like that almost 24/7, whereas Letterman doesn't. Conclusion? O'Reilly is a fucking jackass.


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I heard him going after the oil companies the other day, and taking shit for it. I couldnt believe it the average joe standing up for the oil companies. I was with him on that one.

However O'Reily is regularly rude and beligerent, misrepresents facts (I will not theorize as to whether or not this is on purpose or not, I dont do conspiricy theory) on a regular basis, in addition to the glaring hypocrisy of a man like him making moral/value judgements.

If your going to be righteous you better walk a straight path and if you fall off fess up and make amends...hey Swagart did it.


It's funny, to me you are the O'Reilly of the political boards. For the most part you throw out typical left wing fodder, and try and claim you are not a liberal because you aren't totally on board with restrictive firearm policies. This is much like O'Reilly claiming he's not a conservative because he found some minor issue to disagree with Republicans about, like the border.

For the record I am an atheist libertarian, but much like you I think it is important to point out that some people are all about an agenda, and you clearly are. You are an obnoxious know it all just like O'Reilly; you are the pot calling the kettle black.

And for the record, F U for stating that "I doubt many conservatives would let many Iraqi families even live with them if the opportunity arose but they will cheer on sending people to die for them". As much as I am anti-war I acknowledge the fact that middle America and the South provide the lions share of troops, and the lions share of conservative voters. The craven idea that they would prefer their sons and daughters to die before housing Iraqi's is absurd, and a ridiculous statement you should reconsider. What do you think the demographcis were of those folks who took in evacuees after Katrina? Hazard a guess? you'd be amazed what "Conservatives" can do when put to the test, they're almost human.

To use one of your favorite defenses, they're rubber and you are glue. You are as much of a hack as O'Reilly ever was, you just don't have a platform.

BTW, the fact that someone has lost a loved one in battle does NOT grant them special consideration when determining the prosecution of war. In most wars, this one especially, the relatives of the fallen support the war. Why does Cindy Sheehan deserve more respect than those? Because she camped out in Bush's neighborhood?


I always enjoyed the picture of those people in NY City when the war in Iraq first started.. There's the one of the guy holding the sign saying, "Bush killed my son!"

I just wanted to tap him on the shoulder and let him know that in America the Military is still on a voluntary.