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Oregon Standoff Bundy Verdict: Not guilty

Anybody have more info on this? Interesting atpry developing that doesn’t involve anybody named “Trump” “Clinton” or “Sanders”

Is this good or bad?

If these guys are innocent, what did LaVoy get shot on the side of the road for?

What a tragic waste.

AFAIK, the guy who got shot pointed his gun at the police.

The police, feeling that their lives were threatened, shot him dead.

I don’t know what connection this has to the not guilty verdict given to the folks who occupied that building for a couple of weeks.

As far as I know, LaVoy signed his own death with his actions (unfortunately).

I have no idea if this is good or bad, but it damn sure is news lol. I got tired of the election haha. I think its fascinating really–the Bundy clan was dead to rights on holding a federal office hostage (even though there wasn’t anybody in it). This smacks of jury nullification, which is a whole nother deals

Basically it tuned out there were almost as many FBI informants at the compound as real protestors. Basically they were trespasser who had guns. With so many of them being FBI it had the look of government agitators setting the entire thing up. And there comes reasonable doubt

Same say LaVoy committed suicide by cop. I have not seen anyone saying the cops gunned him down without cause

If that’s true, then I think it definitely changes the narrative and creates a big question of who motivated who.

I’ve read a couple random news reports on the case, but nothing reported this.

I would appreciate it if you could find some and share it.

I will dig it up for you. It was covered in an Oregon paper in the last days of the trial

As you can see getting your information about an Oregon story out of LA or New York is a great way to be miss informed

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The shooting was an isolated incident involving a single person as part of a bigger event that took place, he died so obviously no trial to take place on that part of it.

I kind of meant it in an abstract, rhetorical way.

The cowboys had some kind of protest going on. As an outsider, it seems like they “occupied” a public bathroom at a park. Their crime was being in a park after dark, maybe they stole a game wardens jacket? This whole thing would have been almost funny, if everyone wasn’t waving guns all over the place.

I remember some news person interviewing LaVoy. He was an old dude, “on guard” wrapped is some mummy style sleeping bag, sitting in a lawn chair, next to a campfire. He talked about his grandkids!

This is the US. If you want to protest, that’s cool. You want to have guns, that’s cool. But be careful when you mix them!

It reminds me of that old Johnny Cash song, “Don’t take your Guns to Town.”

It was just a protest in a place where guns are normal. Their crime was really trespassing. And they were odd ducks. I read what the jurors said. They ruled not guilty, because the government went after felony convictions instead of misdemeanors. It was trespassing and not terrorism. And with 15 FBI informants inside, it really looks like a set up. LaVoy did seem to want to die, so I cant blame the feds for that.

“Don’t take your Guns to Town.” is good song for this one. The entire protest fell under the stupid idea category. I do wonder if any of those 15 FBI informants suggested they do that

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I read that so many KKK members had sold out to the FBI that the informants actually ran the organization for several years.

I would not be a bit surprised. There are so few KKK left. And the few left are old

Interestingly, my wife was summoned to be in the juror selection for this case, but didn’t end up getting selected. I was kind of bummed.