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Oregand(Davids) Training Log


Height: 179cm/5 feet 10 inchs
Weight(ATM): 167 Lbs
BF %: 16.1
LBM: 140.2 Lbs
Months training: 6 Seriously.

Background: Right I just wanna get this outta the way at the start of this post. I started "training" February of last year(2010). I was 210 pounds with a BF% of 35. My training consisted of a 45 minute cycle 6 days a week and a 30 minute curling session every night. My diet at the time was High Carb, High Fat and Low Protein, the only substantial change I made to it was to slash my Kcals to 2200 a day.

Now as you can imagine on this plan I lost weight, I went from 210 Lbs too 150 Lbs in the space of February too July. After finally leaning down I was even more unhappy with my body as now I was just small and flabby.

Thus I started researching BB training routines and diet and found myself doing a 6 day split i.e. Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Back etc etc and I continued with the same amount of Cardio and the same amount of Kcals. I got even smaller and weaker as the months rolled on. Thus I decided a bulk was in order, which I did totally wrong and simple got fat again.

Enter November and I discover T-Nation and the foundation of my new routine and diet. So long story short Im a total beginner and thats where im coming from.


Routine: Westside for skinny Bastards variation

Days training: 4
Days rest: 3

Monday: Upper Body(Max effort)

A) Flat bench press: 5 sets/3 rep Max
10 reps/ 40KG, 8 reps/ 45 KG, 6 reps/ 50KG, 4 reps/ 55KG, 3 rep Max/60KG

B) Incline DB Bench: 4 sets/ 6-10 reps

C) Bent Over BB Row: 4 sets/ 10-15 reps

D) DB Power Clean: 3 sets/ 12-15 reps

Cardio: 30 Min H.I.I.T

Tuesday: Lower Body(Max Effort)

A) Dealift: 5 sets/ 3 rep Max
10 reps/ 80KG, 8 reps/ 90 KG, 6 reps/ 100 KG, 4 reps/ 110KG, 3 rep max/ 120KG

B)Full Squats: 3 sets/ 8 reps

C) BB Lungs: 3 sets/ 10 reps

D) Weighted Hypers: 2 sets/ 10 reps

E) Leg raises: 3 sets/ 9 reps

F) Plank: 3 sets/ 45 seconds

Cardio: 20 Min Incline walk


Cardio: 45 Min walk with 40 Lbs X vest

Thursday: Upper Body(Repetition)

A)Wide Grip Push Up: 3 sets/ Max Reps
30 reps, 28 reps, 24 reps

B) Skull Crushes: 4 sets/ 5- 10 reps
25 KG

C) Pull Ups(Wide Grip): 4 sets/ 12 reps

D) DB press(seated): 3 sets/ 10-15 reps

E) BB curls: 3 sets/ 8-10 reps

Cardio: 20 Min incline walk

Friday: Lower Body(Max effort)
A) Box Squats: 5 sets/ 3 rep max
10 reps/80KG, 8 reps/90KG, 6 reps/ 110KG, 4 reps/ 125KG, 3 reps Max/ 140KG

B) Romanian Dead lift: 4 sets/ 6-8 reps

C) BB Step Ups(Bench is about 1 meter off the ground): 4 sets/ 8-15 reps

D) DB Holds: 4 sets, 20 seconds per set
10KG, 12.5KG. 15KG, 15KG

E) Side Plank: 3 sets/ 30 seconds

F) Cycles: 3 sets/ 11 reps

Cardio: 20 Min incline walk.


Cardio: 45 Min walk with X vest


Cardio: 45 Min walk with X vest


2,400 Kcals Daily
P= 40% = 240 grams
F= 30% = 53 grams
C= 40% = 240(140 will come from fruit and starches in my first two meals, the rest are from green vegtables) grams

5 meals daily, first two meals will be P+C, Last three meals will be P+F
Carbs for the first two meals will come from oatmeal, fruit and occasionally beans.
I will not count carbs from veggies but I will count the Kclas

Sample day diet.
Meal 1(6:30am)
55 grams oatmeal
1 scoop of whey protein
250 grams apple
Kcal= 457 P= 30.2grams F= 4.6grams C= 73.2grams

Meal 2(9:30am, post workout)
I tin of pink slamon
450 grams apple
Kcal= 492 P= 40grams F=12.2grams C=62grams

Meal 3(12:30pm)
200 grams lamb liver
500 grams Brussels
Kcal= 458grams P= 53 grams F= 12.5grams C=38.3 grams(carbs from veggies)

Meal 4(3:30Pm)
150 grams Roast chicken meat(mix of skinless breast, thigh and white leg meat)
500 grams of brussels
300 grams carrot
Kcal= 588 P= 58.2 F= 14.6 C= 64 grams(carbs from veggies)

Meal 5(6:30pm)
200 grams lamb liver
500 grams Brussels
Kcal= 458grams P= 53 grams F= 12.5grams C=38.3 grams(carbs from veggies)

Kcal= 2453
P= 234.4grams
F= 56.4grams
C= 275(140 grams coming from veggies)

This is a rough estimate of my diet atm, I generally take in this level of Kcals(variations of 100 either way are the norm).

When my strength gains begin to fade in the weight room I will add 250 Kcals weekly until they return(without me turning into a pile of lard)

My eating habits are solitary(I eat by myself for the most part) save the odd family dinner which is usually something like roast beef and cabbage etc.

I dont really care about how my foods tastes, I generally prefer cold meals to hot ones so eating from tuppa wear in never an issue.

My first meal of the day is usually 6:30AM and my last meal of the day is usually 6:00PM give or take.

My food intake are as follows:

Protien: Canned Salmon, Whole Chickens, Canned Tuna, Whey Protein, Eggs, Sirloin, Round Steak, Liver(Lamb/Pork), Turkey.

Carbs: Oatmeal, Beans(Kidney, chick peas), Fruit(usually apples or raisins), every vegetable you can think of save corn, peas and potato's.

Fats: Fish oil(I take 1 gram of EFA every day), olive oil, nuts.

*The bulk of my fats come from my protein scources.



I am usually in bed at around 9Pm too 10Pm.

I am a morning person in general so I usually hit the sack early and then rise early. AS my last meal is usually 6PM there is a 3 hour fast between it and bed time.

I sleep from about 10 too 6 which gives me about 8 hours of solid sleep a night. This is the norm for my sleeping pattern.

On weekends it may change slightly but since I have so much study to be doing at collage atm I tend not to stay out too late.

I dont drink and I dont smoke.


As of now I dont have any that im aware of.

I will say I do suffer from knee pain occasionally but im putting that down to lack of proper form when I started using squats.

Also my left shoulder tends to get its pantys in a knot the day after I bench as when I was younger I snapped my left arm clean in two so when I bench my shoulder compensates for my weaker arm, to correct this im learning better form and giving special attention to my left arm.


are you seriously say you ate 1.5kg of brussel sprouts? do you feel human old chap?


So many tiny cabbagges lost to the black hole that is my appetite.

To be honest dude my appetite scares me a little, at my worst I managed close to 10,000 Kcals in one day on meatballs and brown rice.

So I try and load up on green veg since there the least Kcal dense thing I can find and yeah I usually feel human, right up until I fart.


Your goals? What supps are you currently taking?


So I took the dog for a walk this morning with the old X vest.

Man O man was I in agony:P To be honest I don't think ive ever felt pain like I felt this morning after yesterdays compound based workout.

Ive never experienced this feeling before now, usually after a workout I would feel numb or just really drained the next day. I always felt something but it was never a god feeling.

This time its a little different, I am sorer than Ive ever been but its a good pain. It shows me I hit the muscles with everything I had and really gave it my all.

I like this feeling and I defiantly want it to keep on coming though ill be keeping in mind Thibs saying "Focus on the results the workout gives, not the pain".



When I started my goals completely revolved around girls and vanity.

I wanted to look better so that girls would take a second glance at me, which in fairness is still a bit of my motivation. This I cant help, I dont lift weights anymore solely to impress women but i still aspire to build a body that they and I will like.

Anyway, I had two goals originally set and both were based around my body composition.
Goal 1 was, I wanted to weigh 200 pounds(surprise surprise huh?) And the second goal was to keep my BF% under 10%,another massive surprise im sure.

Now I have a new goal and its my only one for the next 6 months.

Goal: At the end of the next 6 months I want to have developed a base of strength. What this means is A) a body weight bench or 85KG, B) a body weight and a half squat or 125KG(full squat below parallel) and C) A double bodyweight dead lift or 170KG(Strapless).

To me this will be achieving my base line of strength and for the next 6 months this will be my only concern.


At the minute I don't use a wide range of supplements and this is for two reasons, 1) I live at home still and my parents think im bad enough with the way I eat etc so they wont allow BCAA tablets or even Creatine. 2) I like Arnold approach of getting your nutrients from whole foods, considering my massive appetite I don't generally need to supplement my diet.

So the supplements I use are:
A) Whey protein isolate
B) Fish oil tables
C) Multi Vitamin
D) Calcium(Since I don't drink milk)

And thats about it.

Well thats all for today folks.


Cardio: 45 Min walk with 40 Lbs X vest


So...I'm guess you don't have a job? No money coming your way, so that you can buy your own creatine? You're 19...isn't that "legal" age there?


Yup no job, so no Ive got no income going my way.

Yeah 19 is the legal age here alright but were also pretty backwards here in Ireland. Took months to prove to my parents that Whey protein wasn't a drug but more a powdered food.


Woke up this morning and I'm still in agony from Fridays session.

So I've decided I'll still take little Molly for her walk but I'm gonna forgo the x vest and just call it an active recovery session as opposed to Cardio.


Active recovery: 45 Min walk


How much did the vest weigh? And what kind of pup is Molly?


The vest is 40 Lbs and Molly is an Irish Wolf Hound, shes only a puppy but shes still a massive dog. Great little pal she is.


Monday: Upper Body(Max effort)
A) Flat bench press: 5 sets, 3 rep max
40KG/10 Reps, 50KG/8 reps, 55KG/6 reps, 60KG/ 3 reps(I missed th last one as my tricep gave) and 62.5KG/ 3 reps

B) Bent Over BB rows: 4 sets, 10-15 reps
50KG, 10 reps(Set 1)
50KG, 10 reps(Set 2)
50KG, 10 reps(Set 3)
50KG, 10 reps(Set 4)

C) DB Power Clean: 3 sets, 12-15 reps
12.5KG, 12 reps(Set 1)
12.5KG, 12 reps(Set 2)
12.5KG, 11 reps(Set 3)(Missed another rep)

D) Incline DB Press: 4 sets, 6-10 reps
20KG, 6 reps(Set 1)
20KG, 7 reps(Set 2)
20KG, 7 reps(Set 3)
20KG, 8 reps(Set 4)


30 Min H.I.I.T

I was completely shattered by the time I got to the cardio section so I didn't push myself as hard as I usually do(learning to save my energy for the Iron). So usually Ill burn about 450 Kclas doing the H.I.I.T but today I only managed 390 or so.

Also Im pretty pissed off i missed that lift with my bench press, it was s silly mistake to make and Im a complete believer in Ian Kings opinion of not missing reps unless its your PR. There was no need for me to miss it but I caved. Grrrr


If you want to cut any fat with this, I'd HIGHLY recommend getting your fat intake to around 100 g/day (at least) and dropping a great deal of the starchy carbs.


Tuesday: Lower Body(Max effort)

A) Dead lift: 5 sets, 3 reps Max(My tricep was still strained from yesterday so i de-loaded)
10 reps/60KG, 8 reps/65KG, 6 reps/70KG, 4 reps/75KG, 3 reps/80KG

B) Squat: 3 sets, 6-8 reps
7 reps, 75KG(Set 1)
6 reps, 75KG(Set 2)
8 reps, 75KG(Set 3)

C) DB Lungs: 4 sets, 8-15 reps
10 reps, 20KG(Set 1)
10 reps, 20KG(Set 2)
8 reps, 20KG(Set 3)
11 reps, 20KG(Set 4)

D) Weighted Hypers: 2 sets, 10 reps
10 reps, 15KG(Set 1)
10 reps, 15KG(Set 2)

E) Planks: 3 sets, 45 seconds
45 seconds(Set 1)
45 seconds(Set 2)
45 seconds(Set 3)

F) Leg raises: 3 sets, 10 reps
10 reps, 0KG(Set 1)
10 reps, 0KG(Set 2)
10 reps, 0KG(Set 3)

20 Min incline walk

Next week ill be swapping out the sets with B and C as I feel I need to work on my squats much more than I need lungs.


Ive tried to up my fats and drop my carbs but I always fall off the wagon as I tend to get very hungry eating like that.

I think id be ok if I can keep the vegetables and a little fruit, the oatmeal I know I could drop if but how much fruit would be reasonable to Axe?


That's interesting, it always had the exact opposite affect on me. Left me much more satiated with much fewer calories. It actually doesn't look like you have that many starchy carbs at a second look. That's just a shit ton of carbs from veggies. You read alot of stuff from Shugart here stressing not to fret over carbs from veggies, but god damn. You might be the exception.


Yeah that's quite funny, the difference between us I mean.

And yeah I don't actually take on that much starch, about 40 grams from oatmeal and then maybe 70 or 80 from fruits which I'll only eat post workout.

I am tryingto eliminate all starchs and try and follow a more paleo diet I.e. Lots of meat, lots of vegetables, a little fruit, a few nuts, some oils, no starchs and no sugers.

Yeah the other chunk of my carbs comes from veggies as you can see lol. Tbh that is he abyss that is my hunger, I'll load up on green beans, Brocolli and brussel sprouts until there comin out my nose and I still be hunger after. I don't even bloat from them or feel any discomfort, after a good batch I'll always feel satisfied but knowing I want more if that makes sense.

Lol it's like the saying "Have you ever met someone one got fat from carrots?". Maybe not but now you've met a guy who can eat 3 KGs of raw carrots in a sitting and still be hungry.