Ordering Xvest?

Has anyone had problems ordering an Xvest?

Its been 5 days since I ordered mine and have only received my paypal confirmation.

Xtreme Worldwide Athletic has yet to contact me with any shipping information for tracking purposes, or responded to my emails.

I ordered mine from a Physical Therapist and it took a while to arrive. One thing that doesn’t help is the weight, that much weight does not make for fast shipping. You can try contacting PayPal, they can usually get a faster response from a vendor (no one wants a bad PayPal rating or loss of service) than an individual.

Well I work for FedEx, and its no problem for them to handle the shipping. Im assuming they are going to use UPS which would be 3-7 day.

With that said, i can understand a long delivery, but what I can not accept is no response from the company about shipping methods.

Paypal advises waiting till after the 7th day to dispute, so ill wait till day 8 if I havn’t heard anything.