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Ordering w/ Credit Cards?


Been out of it for a while guys; now looking for some ancillaries. I've noticed the research sites that I've found that ship domestically all take credit cards. I know the banks are offshore and the connections are secure (SSL, but is this safe in your opinion?

On a related note, what ever happened to the old law allowing an individual to obtain up to a 90 day supply of a prescription drug (NOT controlled drug) without a prescription? This law was enacted years ago (over 20)because of pressure by AIDS activists who wanted to be able to obtain HIV drugs out of country at a fraction of their cost here (if they were even availablr here). I used this loophole many years ago to order all sorts of stuff from overseas.




Not that I were to buy from these sites, but if I were I would get some cash, go to my local grocery store, and buy one of those pre-paid visa gift cards. They act just like a credit card but there's no way to trace them back to you.

Not that I would ever do that though...


"research sites"
Buying in flavorless liquid form?
If so, I wouldn't be worried about it. Just as much risk buying stuff anywhere else online with a CC.



SChmazz, I thought about the pre-paid route; however, you still have to register those cards online using a name, address, and SS# due to the Patriot Act in order to be able to make purchases with them online--right?



Nope. You can just go to your local grocery store, and buy a "gift card" and pay with cash.

The name on the card is "All-Access Customer" and works and acts just like a normal credit card. Just gotta fork over the cash for the amount it's worth and you're on your way.


I don't do steroids and have no experience with ordering them, but I do know something about illegal things, and there are two rules:

  1. Never do something illegal in one place for too long.

  2. Never leave a paper trail or put anything in writing.

Breaking either of these rules means you get what you deserve... not for doing steroids, but for being stupid.



Something like this.


He's not buying steroids. Just saying.


The policy is still in effect but you cant use it to get steroids into the country. The FDA importation policy does not allow you to import drugs without a prescription. Like you said this loophole was created for HIV sufferer's to use medication that had not yet received FDA approval. They still either require a foreign prescription or a prescription from the US doctor who will be over seeing your treatment.

Plus the policy also stipulates the medication must be for a serious condition for which there are no good alternatives. You might be able to argue the no good alternatives but the FDA isn't going to buy needing big guns as a serious condition(even though it is). Not to mention steroids are available in the US, so theres no reason for a legitimate medical user of steroids to need to import a personal supply.