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Ordering to Ireland From Biotest


So I'm thinking of ordering some products off Biotest (Metabolic Drive, Surge and Spike).

At the moment I take in about 5 scoops of my current protein powder a day (same serving size as Metabolic Drive), it's your basic whey blend tho. 2 of those scoops come post training (I train 4/5 times a week).

I figure it costs me ?40 (~$51 for 4lbs) so the Metabolic Drive would work out at about the same price.

I would probably be taking 2 scoops of Surge along with one scoop of Metabolic Drive post training if I do order.

And probably a Spike tab before hand too.

Does this sound like a good way to supplement pre and post workout?

Now onto ordering;
First off.. what would I be paying for shipping? (is there a set price or does it depend on the size of order?)

Also what would the expected delivery time be?

And I reckon I'd try and order an 8 week supply so I think I'd need like;

8 tubs of Metabolic Drive
7/8 tubs of Surge
1 (jar?) of Spike

Is that roughly right?

Thanks in advance!!


You can calculate shipping charges by entering the items you want and the delivery address in the T-Nation store. You can see the charges prior to finalizing the order, so you will not be committed by entering your information.

Delivery times vary based on the service choosen. These will also be shown along with the shipping charges for each service available to your location.

Your supplement choice make sense, although I wouldn't mix Metabolic Drive and Biotest Surge post-workout.