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Ordering supplements form Canada

What about the customs’ fees ? What’s the cheapest and safest way to get a hand on some Biotest products ?

The cheapest, fastest and safest way is to get a friend or relative to pick some up for you on their next trip to the U.S.

Go to sndcanada.com. Cheapest place I have seen for Bio Test sups. You cannot get Mag 10 but most other stuff is available. I live in Manitoba and just had Mag 10 seized by Customs so the saefest way to get that is to drive across yourself IMO.

This subject has come up at least a dozen times. Run a search on “Canada” and you’ll find tons of info. And BTW, some Canadian stores carry MAG10 under the counter. I bet the price is jacked up though!

I’ve just ordered some and I’m in Calgary. I’ll let everyone know my experience. Only ordered one bottle, thinking I’d test the waters. But, I’m not all that hopeful. BigRipFreaky, how many bottles did you have in your order?

I only ordered 2 bottles. Then after ordering ,read on here that Mag 10 was not making it through in the prairie provinces.